Josh and Anna Duggar: Returning to Counting On?!

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Josh and Anna Duggar somehow stayed together despite the back to back epic scandals of 2015 that roiled his career and their marriage. 

Despite the odds, and some would say, her better judgment.

The public celebration of Josh and Anna Duggar's anniversary (their eighth) earlier this week has many fans of the famous family asking:

Will they bring their rekindled romance to Counting On next?

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Josh and Anna Duggar, particularly the former, have kept a very low profile since he was outed as an Ashley Madison user last summer.

That followed the bombshell story that he was also a child molester as a teen. The Duggars denounced and shipped him off to rehab.

Whether you can really rehab yourself from being a sexual deviant and the world's biggest hypocrite (his words) remains to be seen.

However, what we can tell you for sure right now is this:

Anna has stood by her man, and the family is ever-so-slightly letting Josh make public appearances as he reenters society in Arkansas.

He has been persona non grata on TV though. So far.

Josh and Anna Image

It was recently rumored that the adult girls were quitting Counting On, which came on the heels of other reports of the Duggars' cancelation.

Those allegations were answered via The Duggar Family Blog, where the family wrote that the girls have no plans of leaving the spinoff.

Still, chatter about the Duggars needing a break from the limelight due to the scandals persists - as does talk of Josh's return to TV.

So far, the degree to which Josh violated his family's core values (or family members) has made him a human third rail for the fan base.

Many of them devout Christians, card carrying members of Duggar Nation have warmly embraced Jill, Jessa, Jinger and the other kids.

Forgiving Josh or seeing his mug on TV is another story, though.

Anna Duggar has appeared on the TLC reality show several times to discuss Josh, a pariah who has yet to appear with her on camera.

His parents and siblings have not been as quick to move on.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are said to be bitterly divided over the extent to which their first-born son should be welcomed back into the fold.

Michelle, his toughest critic, had won that fight. Until now.

This week's anniversary photo was the first of the couple together in more than a year, which tells you how careful the family has been.

If the family does intend on a Josh comeback, it would no doubt spark big ratings and intense media interest in Counting On Season 3.

And also backlash. Lots and lots of backlash.

We don't believe the reports that Josh Duggar has been abusing Anna, but the mere fact that this rumor took off is indicative of a lot.

Clearly, fans remain deeply hurt, bitter and skeptical of the 28-year-old, and with Counting On advertisers bailing left and right as it is?

Just imagine the response to a Josh-centric episode.

In the post-Josh molestation era, the Duggars - even those generally beloved by fans - are under heavy scrutiny for everything they do.

They can thank Josh for this, but by keeping him at arm's length, they've effectively built their brand back to the point of respectability.

All of which would be threatened by a Josh plot line.

Or even a cameo; Jim Bob and Michelle, widely viewed as Josh's protectors during his molestation scandal, weren't well received either.

They're on thin ice, in other words. Very thin.

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