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If you watched the second half of the Teen Mom 2 reunion show on Monday night, you know that Adam Lind was basically the douchey, tattooed piñata of the party.

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"Call Adam out on his BS" was the theme of the night, and everyone from Dr. Drew Pinsky to Chelsea Houska’s father seemed to enjoy playing along.

It all started when Lind talked about quitting Teen Mom 2.

He’s expressed his desire to leave the show many, many times in the past, but for some reason, he never turns in his resignation.

It’s almost as though his career as a South Dakota bodybuilder hasn’t brought him international fame and buckets of money. Go figure.

Anyway, Dr. Drew addressed the topic during his sitdown with Adam that aired on Monday night, and the Worst Baby Daddy in Teen Mom History was evasive at best and flat-out full of it at worst:

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“I’m here because I’m under contract and I have to be here,” Lind said at one point.

“I’m done with the show. I don’t want to participate in the show anymore. I texted MTV that I didn’t want to come to f**king LA and they said you better get a lawyer to get out of your contract.”

Unfortunately, for Lind it’s a bad idea to lie about what goes on behind the scenes of a show where you’re taping a freakin’ episode of that show:

Drew brought about TM2 producer Larry Musnick (the one who was assaulted by Farrah Abraham), who called Lind out on the spot:

“I looked back at the text messages backstage and I didn’t say it would be a breach of contract,” Musnik explained.

“I said, ‘Honor your commitments because you made a commitment to the show.’”

Drew seemed so pleased to see this D-bag finally called out on TV that we’re surprised he didn’t break into a happy dance like a dude on Maury who just found out he’s not the father.

Lind stormed off set, but the hits just keep coming on social media, where Chelsea’s dad, Randy Houska, tweeted:

"Shall we call out the lies as they occur?"

You go, Papa Randy.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the many, many times that Lind has been busted for lying.