Famously Single Recap: Negativity Bleeds From Every Pore!

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Aubrey O'Day really hates Brandi Glanville!

That much was established on the second episode of Famously Single and her points couldn't have been more invalid.

famously single episode 2

Brandi got a huge amount of screen time as Darcy wanted to find out whether the drama in the house was having affect on her. 

Brandi opened up about the day she found out that Eddie Cibrian was cheating on her and she noted that she found out all about it on the cover of Us Weekly. 

Darcy noted that Brandi would find it difficult to move on after that betrayal, but that she would help her. 

It all started when the group met up with Laurel and Robert and they were sent on another task. They had to reel people in for a date on a yacht, but they literally had to speed date pedestrians to try and intrigue them enough to join on the boat. 

Everyone aside from Aubrey participated.

Aubrey just gave up on the task and refused to take it seriously. Next, she started being a wing woman for Willis.

Does she want to be single forever, or something?

Callum and Pauly D joined forces when they struggled in their solo efforts to secure a date. It was a scene that was ripped from Jersey Shore. It happened a little too easily. 

Jessica struggled with what to say to the guy she was into, but eventually plucked up the courage and asked him to help her pick out a belly ring. 

Talk about keeping it classy. 

At the boat, all of the dates seemed to go pretty well, but then Aubrey started walking around and becoming the third wheel on each of the dates. 

All she could talk about was her career and she got pissed off when Brandi's date had no idea who she was. It was a hilarious scene, but Aubrey was out as soon as the guy told her he had no clue who she was. 

She was furious and moved on to pester the chick Willis was dating. Aubrey asked the girl to sing. She said she would if Aubrey sang a song back to her, but then Aubrey said she didn't need to prove anything because she has had two platinum selling albums. 

Aubrey seemed to be the only one not taking the whole experience seriously. She seemed to be attacking Brandi as a defense mechanism and it's pretty sad. 

When Darcy asked Brandi how her date went, Aubrey butted in and started getting vicious with her. Everything Brandi said was correct. It was exactly how it played out. 

Darcy was not impressed made it clear to Aubrey that she knows she isn't participating as much as she should be. Then, Aubrey went on a huge rant about being unfairly treated. 

Darcy pulled her in for a one-on-one and they had a huge debate about how Aubrey is not being treated like the rest of the people on the show. 

They eventually found common ground and make a friendship after Aubrey turned on the water works. 

Things really are starting to heat up on the show, but all of the ladies aside from Brandi are two-faced. They claim that they don't like her, but they can't seem to talk about anyone else apart from her. 

It's pretty sad. 

What did you think of the episode? Is Aubrey trying too hard?

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