Derick Dillard FINALLY Addresses Jill Duggar Pregnancy Rumors!

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For the past several weeks, rumors that Jill Duggar is pregnant with her second child have been spreading like wildfire across social media.

Multiple photos that appeared to show Jill hiding a baby bump appeared on her and Derick Dillard's Instagram pages, and last week the rumor mill really started churning thanks to a cryptic tweet posted by Derick:

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Image?

Asked point blank if he and his wife are expecting, Derick seemed to confirm Jill's pregnancy when he tweeted that he was "not sure" when the couple would announce the big news.

Now it's beginning to look like that was Derick's idea of a good gag (not unlike that time he joked about the Zika virus).

After several days of social media silence, Derick once again answered some more fan questions on Twitter last night.

Most notably, of course, he addressed the big mystery on everyone's mind:

"No, not yet," Dillard tweeted when a fan asked if Jill is currently pregnant.

So why the abrupt turnaround?

Well, like we said earlier, Derick has a strange sense of humor that doesn't always go over well on social media.

Our best guess is that when he hinted the couple would be making an official announcement in the near future, it was his idea of a joke.

As the Dillards have been living in a Zika hot zone, and the disease is known to cause severe birth defects in the children of infected mothers, many fans seemed to not see the humor in his remark.

Perhaps Jill pressured her husband to clear the air.

Or maybe Derick just recognized that his joke was in poor taste.

Either way, it seems we can safely say that, for now at least, Jill Duggar is not pregnant.

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