Farrah Abraham "Punched" and "Shoved" Teen Mom Producer!!!

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This girl either needs anger management or a customized Eat Pray Love tour.

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Farrah Abraham's crazy train is going 500 MPH towards the trash can, and yet...it's full steam ahead.

When the latest Teen Mom OG trailer premiered, fans saw Farrah not only scream at her mother (while holding Sophia), but also at her producer, Larry Musnik.

There was no context provided for the argument between Farrah and Larry at the time, but Radar Online recently learned that Farrah wanted to go on a competing network's reality show to repair her relationship with her mom.

Larry had to explain to Farrah that it wasn't possible, because that deal would conflict with her MTV contract.

“Farrah actually turned physically violent,” a source from the show told Radar.

“She punched and shoved the producer."

The other cast members are sticking by Larry, since this kind of thing happens with Farrah all the time.

“They are sick and tired of her diva behavior,” the source revealed. “She always has to have her own dressing room, and to be announced separately when she enters a room. And then she attacks a member of their beloved crew.

"The girls have had enough.”

Leah Messer posted a very telling tweet for the trailer, using the hash tag #TeamLarry

Leah Messer Tweets About Teen Mom OG

I can't see things improving from this point on, but then again, I'm not making "millions of dollars" hawking molds of my hoo hoo (that sounded gross.  I apologize.)

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