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As we reported last month, Tori Spelling is broke.

It’s important to note that Tori and her equally chronically unemployed husband, Dean McDermott, aren’t Hollywood broke; they’re flat-out, coupon-clipping, regular folk broke.

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Tori has resorted to shilling for a psychic hotline in order to pay the bills, but apparently she and Dean are still unable to keep their heads above water.

The couple and their four kids (plus Dean’s son from his first marriage) recently made a major real estate downgrade, selling their mansion in posh Calabasas, CA and moving into a rental property in middle-class Encino.

Now, it seems the stress from her ever-worsening financial situation is beginning to take a toll on Tori’s health.

According to Radar Online, Spelling was hospitalized over the weekend after complaining of intense migraines and other stress-related symptoms.

There’s no word on how long Tori was in the hospital, but she must have at least been kept overnight for observation, as Dean and the kids were spotted paying her an early-morning visit.

Sadly, the family has been in this situation many times before.

Tori was hospitalized three times in 2015, and friends say her latest unsuccessful search for work has pushed her over the edge. 

"The entire situation is just very sad because Tori wants to be working, but there just isn’t a lot being offered to her," says one insider.

Here’s hoping Tori and Dean can both find gigs that don’t involve airing their family’s dirty laundry for a horrified audience.