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If you’re not familiar with waist training, it’s the idiotic fitness trend that’s centered around the idea that squeezing your organs like a fistful of Play-Doh will make you look skinnier.

It’s an impossibly dumb concept, but the Kardashians love waist training, and every one of Kim’s sisters (except Kendall) has jumped on board with it on social media. So we suppose it was only a matter of time before Rob got in on the action.

Yes, as you may have heard, Rob is officially in a relationship, and sources say his new girlfriend Blac Chyna is helping him lose weight.

Rob Kardashian Wishes Dream a Happy Birthday
Photo via Instagram

Unfortunately, it seems that in this case “lose weight” means “re-shape his bloated liver so that it resembles an ab.”

“Blac Chyna always brings up how much she loves waist training and hopes that Rob will get in on the trend once he starts losing more weight,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“He also has brought up to Blac that he would like to talk to his sisters about it to make them have a current reason to bond.”

That’s right  – Rob and his sisters will be bonding over binding.

The insider says Blac has convinced Rob that repairing his relationships with his family members is essential to his health:

“To fix his weight he has to heal himself and he realizes that he has to heal his relationships with family and friends,” the source says.

“He’s been very encouraged with Lamar’s progress and he wants to show that he has that determination and power as well.”

So Rob is comparing himself to Lamar now?

We hate to dismiss the seriousness of your struggle, Rob, but it’s important to keep things in perspective.

Lamar had to learn how to walk again; you just have to switch to light beer.