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As we reported last week, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are broke.

And we don’t mean "my masseuse only comes twice a week now" Hollywood broke – we mean coupon-clipping, mortgage payment missing, Wonder Bread French toast for dinner broke.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on a Red Carpet
Photo via Nicky Nelson/

The couple’s financial woes came to light last week when it was revealed that Tori was being sued by American Express for allegedly failing to pay her bill for the past eight months.

Court documents filed by the credit card giant revealed that Tori wrote them a check for $1,000 over the summer, but it bounced.

The suit had led to a number of embarrassing revelations about Spelling and McDermott’s finances, including the paltry amount that Tori was paid for her latest acting work. 

Sources say Tori and Dean may file for bankruptcy, and they’ve already parted ways with some of the pricier status symbols that Tori acquired during more prosperous times.

But before you take pity on the Spelling-McDermott’s, remember that they have a safety net most people would kill for in the form of Tori’s wealthy mother, Candy.

Candy recently revealed that she’s paying for Tori’s essentials, but refuses to help her live the luxurious lifestyle she’s accustomed to, in hopes of teaching her a lesson about money management.

"I’m paying all her bills now. I’m not paying extras like that, I’m not paying any back payments," she told TMZ. "Just for the house and the kids’ school and the food."

Of course, everything is relative, and the 3,900 square foot rental home complete with a pool and gym area that Tori and her family recently moved into (on Candy’s dime) would seem like the height of opulence for some.

Candy is reportedly shelling out $7,500/month for the five-bedroom house in Encino, but that doesn’t mean Tori and Dean are pleased with the situation.

The home they recently parted ways with in posh Calabasas (home to the Kardashians and other A-list clans) was nearly twice the size, and going from a trendy, upscale neighborhood to an area that’s best known for inspiring a Pauly Shore movie is probably more than a little embarrassing for the very status-conscious Tori.

Here’s hoping she can save up enough to get AmEx on her back before she starts trying to ckaw her way back to the top of the real estate heap.