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As you may have heard, Tori Spelling is broke.

And when we say "broke," we don’t mean in the celebrity sense – where, like, she had to fire one of her nutritionists and she’ll never get to find out Xenu’s middle name. Tori can’t even pay her credit card bills, which is why we have this new entry in the Embarrassing Celebrity Endorsement Hall of Fame: 

Tori Spelling: Psychic Source

Yes, that’s Tori’s ad for Psychic Source, which – as you may have guessed from the name –  is a source for "psychics," as well as a $1/minute con job targeted at bored housewives.

Some of our younger readers may not understand that there’s a long, not-so-proud tradition of washed-up celebs helping to legitimize BS psychic networks once their careers hit the skids so bad that real businesses won’t pay them for endorsements.

Tori Spelling has now joined the likes of Dionne Warwick and Yasmine Bleeth (Remember her? Of course you don’t!) as a celeb who called up her psychic friends not for a reading, but to see if they need help peddling their nonsense on TV.

We guess that’s what happens when you land one movie role a year and it pays a whopping $10,000.

Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there: If you have rich parents, suck up to them before it’s too late!