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We all know that Lindsay Lohan is delusional and thinks nothing of misleading the public or outright lying to her fans. One look at Lindsay’s hilarious photoshop fails is enough to remind you that the girl’s grasp on reality is tenuous at best.

So LiLo shouldn’t be surprised that fans are questioning her latest baffling claim. But for once, the actress-turned-trainwreck might be telling the truth.

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Lindsay posted the above photo to Instagram on Christmas, along with a caption reading, "@oprah thank you for always giving us all a very merry Christmas #blessing and am FaceTime -ing you with @alianalohan."

Our first impulse was to make fun of Lindsay for taking to social media to brag about a FaceTime session, but frankly, we’d be doing the same if we were chatting with freakin’ Oprah while the rest of the country was falling off its new hoverboards.

Our second thought was that she must be lying, but considering Lindsay and Oprah have worked together in the not-so distant past, there’s a fair chance she’s actually being honest for once.

After all, even Lindsay wouldn’t be so bold as to flat-out lie about talking to a celebrity, knowing that celebrity could just deny it make her look like an idiot, right?

Of course, this is the same Lindsay that recently wore a fake engagement ring to a party to try and fool her friends.

And let’s not forget about the time Lindsay photoshopped herself into a photo of people doing charity work to try and convice the world she’s a good person.

Gah! We’re so confused! Let’s just us all go ahead and assume Lindsay is lying until Oprah herself comes forward and confirms that she did, for some reason, spend her holiday chatting with the Lohan clan.