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The beloved 2004 comedy Mean Girls featured a memorable voice-over about the great lengths that some women will go to make themselves the center of attention on Halloween.

Lindsay Lohan was in that movie, but she probably can’t remember her middle name most of the time, so it’s not surprising that she didn’t learn anything from her own dialogue.

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Lindsay showed up to a Halloween party in London dressed in the most ridiculous costume she could imagine.

That’s right – she went as Engaged Lindsay Lohan and rocked a giant diamond on her left ring-finger.

“She has lost her mind,” a source close to the actress told Page Six. “She did it as a joke for her friends and wanted to see what people would do or say.”

Haha, it’s a joke, guys! Just like all those other times Lindsay tried to make us think she was engaged

Seriously though, Lindsay’s bids for publicity have been getting more and more desperate lately, and we’re beginning to worry that she’s actually serious about running for president in 2020.

Clearly, she’s bonkers enough to think she really has a chance, and her social media posts have slowly been more political than ever lately.

Granted, Lindsay is still expressing her fondness for Columbian drug lords on Instagram, so she’s a little confused when it comes to foreign policy, but so are a lot of other candidates.

Anyway, Lindsay is not engaged, she’s probably not even dating anyone, and she showed up to a party in the most unoriginal costume imaginable ("The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.") hoping everyone would be all, "OMG, we love your fiance’s Invisible Man costume!"

We’re starting to think the blood trickling from the corner of her mouth might not be fake.