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Earlier today, we reported that Lindsay Lohan is teaming up with Oprah for a second season of her reality show that no one watches. 

Between that and the fact that Lindsay is actually getting occasional, semi-decent reviews for her performance in a London production of Speed the Plow (after nearly being laughed off the stage in her debut), it was really starting to look like she’d managed to turn her life around.

Then she hit us with this ridiculousness:

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“Another great meeting with @CSV_UK,” Linds captioned the photo. “Making a difference every single day.”

CSV is a London based charity organization and…Lindsay is just effing with us here, right? She’s clearly Photoshopped into this picture. It looks about as convincing as the cardboard cutouts Kevin McCallister used to fool the Wet Bandits in Home Alone.


Neither Lindsay nor the organization has come forward to address the Photoshopping allegations, and we don’t expect them to any time soon.

Because short of “Busted! My bad!” there’s really nothing for Lindsay to say, and it seems unlikely that a charitable organization is gonna diss a well-known celebrity, especially since she’s probably promised to make a huge donation, like, the second she has money again.

Of course, we’re sure the CSV would welcome a visit from Linds and – who knows? – maybe she really did stop by and just forgot to take a pic.

That still doesn’t explain why she felt the need to fake it, when she could have just as easily given them a shout out, but…Ya know, we’re just gonna stop speculating right there.

Trying to get into the mind of Lindsay Lohan is like trying to figure out the ending of Inception. It’s just dumb, within dumb, within dumb, and Leonardo DiCaprio is there for some reason.