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Lindsay Lohan fails a lot, and unfortunately social media brings her missteps into sharp focus.

Just in the past week, Lindsay dropped an N-bomb on Instagram (she quickly deleted it) and tried to worm her way into the Kardashian clan by tweeting "family" photos from Paris Fashion Week.

But while Lindsay’s selfie with Kris Jenner was just sad, the Photoshop fail that she posted today is both sad and freakin’ hilarious.

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Amazingly, the above pic has not yet been deleted from Lindsay’s Instagram page, even though several commenters have pointed out that she seriously sucks at Photoshop.

Of course, Lindsay has done a lot of drugs over the years. Maybe in her mind, doors actually look all bendy and weird like that.

Now, we can’t help but wonder what exactly Lindsay was trying to ‘shop out of this pic. Is she rocking that much sag at 28?!

And if her diet of Smirnoff and Parliament Lights has left her in such rough shape, then why is she posing for pics in some kind of weird leotard?!

Let that be a lesson to all the young aspiring tabloid trash out there: If you have to pose drunk, make you sure you Photoshop sober.

We’d say you could just stay off of social media altogether, but then the world might stop looking at you for 4 seconds, and if that happens you might as well be, like, dead or something