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Sarah Silverman has once again raised the ire of many Christians due to her controversial characterization of Jesus Christ.

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In early 2014, Silverman starred in a video in which the Son of God was depicted as a feminine type, someone who could chat about NCIS as easily as life’s big mysteries.

That video was made in order to promote "V to Shining V," a national reproductive-rights pride day in which rallies were held across the country.

Now, however, Silverman is in trouble for thoughts she has shared regarding Jesus Christ that she wrote simple for her own pleasure.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" the Jewish comedian wrote on December 25.

Simple and nice enough, right?

But then she added:

"Jesus was gender fluid!"

And that last line is what opened the critical floodgates on social media.

“@SarahKSilverman Christians ‘turn the other cheek.’ Easy to make ‘jokes’ about their religion.Take a stab at Islam and Mohammed, THAT’S edgy,” wrote one Internet user, while another added:

"@SarahKSilverman Jesus was about as Gender fluid as YOU are funny … #idiot"

Silverman, of course, did not respond to every critic.

But after one referred to her as a "piece of sh-t," the star replied:

"Oh sweetie.  You deserve love. Please know that."

Last year, after the release of her aforementioned video, Silverman said she had no issues at all with Jesus Christ or those who follow his teachings.

"[T]o me, I love the symbol of Jesus," she said. "It’s so odd to me that so many people on the far right use his name to justify terrible things that I can’t imagine he’d approve of…

"I’m not against Christianity. I date Catholic men! That’s always what they come back with, ‘Sarah Silverman mocks Christianity!’

"I’m not! As a matter of fact, I have no religion and many people in my life that I love and respect and even look up to have religion."

"I’m not out to prove them wrong."