Lindsay Vrckovnik: Pregnant By Scott Disick?!

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Did Scott Disick get his teenage model paramour Lindsay Vrckovnik pregnant? That's the outrageous allegation of this latest tabloid report ...

Lindsay Vrckovnik Pregnant?!

Earlier this month, Scott first stepped out in New York with Lindsay Vrckovnik, an 18-year-old stunner who quickly made the media go ballistic.

Lindsay denied banging Scott Disick, sought to deny any romantic link to him, and actually claimed to have a boyfriend back home in Canada.

Yes, despite the fact that Scott implied on social media they were dating and posted pictures of Lindsay, she insists they were “just friends.”

Are they, though?!

According to the tabloid cover above, there was at least one night of passion between them, as she's knocked up and his ex-partner is livid!

Kourtney Kardashian is furious, and in retaliation, plans on canceling credit cards and suing him for full custody of their three minor children.

Two issues here:

  • Scott has his own credit cards, businesses and investments; Lord Disick even has his own contract for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  • They were never married, and Kourtney seeking full custody is only a formality while Scott dries out in rehab, not a spiteful maneuver.

Yeah. Not sure this story makes any sense TBH. Not that it has to in order to be a good read, but OK! is not exactly known for its hard hitting journalism.

In any case, an insider claims, “Lindsay was terrified to tell Scott that she feared she might be pregnant, but he was totally fine with the prospect."

He was? We talkin' 'bout the same dude?

"He is clearly living in a fantasy world, he seemed to have already forgotten that he has a family already, and he is not exactly father of the year.”

Okay, no argument on that point.

The tabloid then goes on to say that Lindsay and Scott are a match made in heaven, and will live happily ever after jet setting with their new baby.

Seriously. LOL-tastic.

Apparently the OK! staff doesn’t watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online. Remember the last two times Kourtney got pregnant and told him?

Based on his borderline panicked and angry reactions - and it's not like he ever had to do s--t raising them anyway - would he be super excited now?

Exactly. #OKFail.

As for reports that Scott is begging Kourtney to take him back, we can't verify those either, but we'd believe that before this pregnancy nonsense.

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