12 Times Scott Disick Was a Total Douche

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This just in: Scott Disick totally sucks.

The three-time baby daddy to Kourtney Kardashian, Disick is basically known for drinking a lot; for leaving his girlfriend to take care of his children; and for... did we mention drinking a lot?

Scott has clashed often with Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and company, all of whom believe Disick can act like an entitled douchebag.

For what reason? We've listed several off the top of our heads below. Pick your favorite!

1. When He Made Fun of Kourtney's Clothes

2. When He Took Kim Down a Peg

3. That Other Time He Took Kim Down a Peg

4. When He Tried to be Down With the Hood

5. When He Mocked Rob's Socks

6. When He Ragged on Kim's Marriage

7. When He Read Kourtney's Mind

8. When He Burned Kendall Jenner

When He Burned Kendall Jenner
Scott doesn't limit himself to being a douche on TV. His attacks on the Jenner sisters make Twitter a better place to be.

9. When He Pointed Out That Kris Jenner is Awful

When He Pointed Out That Kris Jenner is Awful
Scott might be a douche, but Kris Jenner is the worst. Fortunately, Scott's more than happy to point that out.

10. When He Mocked Kim Yet Again

11. And of Course, When He Made Fun of the Entire Family

12. When He Got Wasted in Aspen

When He Got Wasted in Aspen
Oh, and destroyed a hotel room. Let's not forget that. Disick and his pals stirred up controversy by drinking a lot (what else is new?) and causing major damage to a hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

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