Lindsay Vrckovnik Denies Any and All Scott Disick Boning

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Lindsay Vrckovnik would like to set her dating record straight.

Yes, the 18-year old model has been hanging out with Scott Disick. Yes, she has been spotted at clubs with him, looking awfully close and cozy.

Lindsay Vrckovnik and Scott Disick

But, no, TMZ quotes Vrckovnik as saying: she is NOT dating the horribly annoying reality star.

She claims to not even have slept with him.

Disick was first seen with Lindsay Vrckovnik late last month, dining with him at an East Village restaurant before parting all night at 1 OAK Nightclub.

They then traveled to Miami and continued their romance... according to various reports, that is.

But Vrckovnik insists she has never hooked up with Kourtney Kardashian’s three-time baby daddy.

She says she was simply traveling with some models; met Disick in The Big Apple; and he chose to follow the group to Florida.

Vrckovnik, who hails from Canada, even claims she has a boyfriend and photos of her and Disick that have surfaced online have created tension in their relationship.

Which we can understanding, considering how close Lindsay and Scott appear to be in certain images.

But Vrckovnik labels these pictures as "misleading," hoping to make it clear she has no interest in Lord Douchebag.

As for Kourtney? Insiders say she has one reaction to rumors of Disick having moved on with Vrckovnik: Eh, whatever, dude.

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