Scott Disick: Calling Kourtney Kardashian From Rehab? Begging For Another Chance?

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Last week, we reported that Scott Disick has checked into rehab to be treated for alcohol addiction for the sixth time.

Sources say Disick was motivated by Lamar Odom's near-fatal overdose, as well as his desire to secure partial custody of his kids, and is actually taking his treatment seriously this time. It also seems that his time away from the bottle has caused "the Lord" to re-evaluate his priorities.

Kourtney Disick

Cheating allegations and Scott's years of hard partying led Kourtney Kardashian to dump him back in July, but the newly-sober Scott is reportedly desperate to win his baby mama back.

In fact, Radar Online is reporting that Disick has been calling Kourtney from rehab and begging her to give their relationship another chance. 

“Scott has been calling Kourtney from rehab,” says one insider. “The last time he phoned her, he was really upset and emotional.

“He has been going through withdrawal. It’s been really hard on him, and he just needs to know everything is going to be okay and needs assurances.”

Kourtney was reportedly hesitant to answer Scott's phone calls, but did so because she thought it might help him in his treatment.

“Kourtney only did it to begin with because she knew Scott was going through the beginning period of rehab and wanted to know about what was going on with Lamar,” says the source.

“Scott’s been really worried about him and asking a lot of questions. He thought he was dead.”

The insider says that after learning the latest news about Odom, Disick began “begging Kourtney for another chance." Unfortunately, the source says, "She’s not giving him any answers right now.”

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