Chris Brown to Karrueche Tran: Keep Killing it Kiddo!

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When he's not making tabloid headlines, hit R&B songs or babies inside Nia Guzman, Chris Brown apparently spends his free time trolling Instagram.

We've seen this before with him liking Rihanna pics or posing with Kylie and Kendall Jenner just to piss off Karrueche Tran. What's he up to this time, though?

It also involves Karrueche, but he's taking his creeping to new depths ...

Tran, K
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Leaving weird, awkward comments on Karrueche's Instagram page like it's his job since they broke up, Chris previously criticized Karrueche for hoeing.

You know, because he felt the sexy modeling photos she posted after learning he impregnated a woman 18 months ago were unbecoming of a lady.

Tran did not take her former lover's advice to heart, and has continued to post one smoldering photo after another on the social media sit ever since.

Which brings us today to Chris' latest creeping, and it was extra creepy indeed. The 25-year-old commented on one of her photos simply, "Keep killing it kiddo."

Yup, "kiddo." You may cringe on cue.

Apparently, Chris being the father of Nia Guzman's kid - a kid he neglected to tell his girlfriend about until the Internet did it for him - is feeling paternal.

Just keep killing it, he tells a grown woman who stuck by him through countless legal and personal troubles, in what we imagine is a condescending tone.

If there's any kiddo here, in terms of maturity, it would be Christopher Brown, who exhibits the emotional and cognitive development of an eight-year-old.

That age, perhaps not coincidentally, is when Breezy claims to have lost his virginity and embarked on the journey toward becoming a beast at sex.

Which could explain a lot.

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