Kylie and Kendall Jenner BOTH Sign on to Pose For Playboy!!!

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Last month, we reported that Kylie Jenner may pose for Playboy once she turns 18.

Now, in a stunning turn of events, it seems the iconic men's mag has inked deals with Kylie and her older sister Kendall - both of whom will appear nude in an upcoming issue!

Kendall and Kylie at MuchMusic Awards

The deal was announced today at a press conference inside Hugh Hefner's famous master bedroom, where Kendall and Kylie reportedly declined the publishing magnate's offers to join him under the covers.

As a minor, Kylie was unable to sign her own contract, so momager Kris Jenner sealed the deal for her. Sources say Kris was then handed an oversized novelty check of the variety usually reserved for winners of golf tournaments.

"I'm freakin' 89 years old! What do I care?" Hefner told reporters. "I've been wearing pajamas for the last fifty years. Talking a teenager who looks 25 into taking her clothes off is the hardly the most embarrassing thing I've done.

"We just put Azealia Banks on the cover," Hefner added. "Clearly, I stopped giving a damn about my readers quite some time ago."

Kylie and Kendall both posed for selfies with Hefner, who - sources say - inquired as to why the girls "persisted in pointing those damn fancy calculators at [him]."

While Hef and the girls reportedly hit it off, there was apparently one uncomfortable moment in which Hefner was informed that Kendall has posed nude in the past, and complained to an associate that he had agreed to her price tag believing it was "first look-see money."

As for the moral implications of paying teenage girls to pose nude, we here at THG believe that the problem lies not so much with Kylie and Kendall, but with the tiny percentage of our readers who have reached this point in the article and still believe this is legitimate news.


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