Chris Brown to Nia Guzman: Move Royalty to L.A.!!

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Rather than simply cutting ties with his baby mama and cutting checks, Chris Brown is going out of his way to be more involved in his love child's life.

At least he hopes to. Right now it's tough, because his little girl lives in Houston, and he lives in L.A. That's just what he's looking to change ASAP.

The oft-troubled star wants Nia Guzman and their baby daughter Royalty close by, according to reports, and has offered to foot the bill for the relocation.

Yes, Royalty.

Chris Brown on the Stage

Guzman, also known as Nia Amey, is a 31-year-old former model who got pregnant by Chris and subsequently gave birth to nine-month-old Royalty.

Since finding out Chris Brown fathered a baby girl, the celebrity gossip rumor mill has run wild, but the whole situation may not be al that scandalous.

According to TMZ, Brown has already asked her to move to L.A. with their daughter and says he's willing to pay for their housing close by if they do so.

He's not involved with Nia anymore romantically, but truly wants a close relationship with Royalty that goes beyond the obvious financial support.

Brown even says he wants to see her every day if he can, a wonderful sentiment especially given that he and Nia are in "negotiations" over money.

Chris had quietly been paying his baby mama more than he was required to by law, but was furious when she began talking about him to the media.

As a result, Brown is threatening to drag her to court, where a judge would reduce the child support he's paying to the standard level ... however:

Sources say Chris told Nia that if she and Royalty move to L.A., he'll drop the case and she'll keep getting what she has been, not to mention a place to live.

It's not a done deal yet, but it's hard to see how she wouldn't take the singer up on that offer. Free housing, premium support AND help with the kid?

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