Lindsay Lohan: Hospitalized With Severe Illness

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Last month, Lindsay Lohan contracted an untreatable virus known as Chikunguya, with the mosquito-borne illness, while on vacation in French Polynesia.

Though Chikungunya has no known cure, symptoms generally subside after a couple of days, and Lindsay appeared to be on the mend not long after she was diagnosed.

Lindsay Lohan in the Hamptons

Now, however, TMZ is reporting that Lohan has been hospitalized in London due to a high fever, fatigue, and severe joint pain - all of which are symptoms of Chikungunya.

After her vacation in the islands, Lindsay returned to LA, where she partied for New Year's and shot an Esurance commercial for the Super Bowl.

Some Instagram followers pointed out that Lohan looked thin and frail in her latest photos, but the actress insisted that she was 100 percent healthy.

She proceeded to travel to the UK to attend a series of events, only to have symptoms reportedly begin to resurface not long after her arrival in London.

Sources say last night the pain became so severe that Lindsay was unable to walk, and she was immediately checked in to King Edward VII hospital.

That's same medical facility where Queen Elizabeth II gets treated, and perhaps Kate Middleton as well when she goes into labor later this year.

The 28-year-old is expected to recover fully, but medical experts say the pain from a Chikungunya infection has been known to last for several months. 

Here's hoping she gets back on her feet soon, because she clearly doesn't need any severe health scares after so many years of living as hard as she has ...

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