Lindsay Lohan: Looking Thin and Frail Following Illness?

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Last week, Lindsay Lohan contracted a virus known as Chikungunya.

Lohan was on vacation in French Polynesia when she contracted the untreatable, mosquito-borne pathogen which can be fatal in some cases.

Remarkably, less than one week later, Lindsay seems to have recovered. She hit the town on New Year's Eve and posted several Instagram pics of herself partying in Manhattan.

However, some folks who have scrutinized Linday's latest selfies say that the actress' brush with illness appears to have taken a toll.

Lindsay Lohan New Year's Eve Selfie

Some fans have pointed out that Lindsay looks thinner than usual in the above pics, leading to speculation that the illness was more serious than LiLo let on.

In the past, Lindsay's weight loss has been blamed on substance abuse, but she claims to be clean and sober these days. 

Even when properly treated, Chikungunya can linger in the body for several weeks, but the initial fever generally only lasts a couple days.

Thus, many have suggested that Lindsay might be sicker than she realizes and should probably be home in bed rather than hitting up NYC hot spots.

Though her recent stint on the London stage went better than expected Lindsay was "too ill" to perform on at least one occasion.

At the time, she was accused of faking it, and now we're starting to hope that was the case. Multiple bouts with illness in the span of just a couple months could be a bad sign for someone as young as Lindsay. 

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