Iggy Azalea Responds to Butt Implant Rumors

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Iggy Azalea's authenticity has been in doubt from the moment she went mainstream.

Many fans and haters have asked the same questions about the Aussie emcee:

Where does that ghetto accent come from? Does she write her own rhymes? And - perhaps most importantly - what's the deal with Iggy's giant booty?

The rest of Iggy is rail-thin, but she's got a 'donk like a Kardashian who sat on a bee hive. You rarely see a lump like that Down Under, unless you're watching a snake digest a giant kangaroo.

Naturally, there's been talk that I-G-G-Y has been surgically enhanced, and a recent photo of the rapper isn't helping her claims that she's all natural:

Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgeon Photo

That's Iggy-Ig with renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon Ashkan Ghavami. 

The web seized on this pic and it quickly went viral as "proof" that Iggy has had work done.

The problem is, Ms. Azalea has an explanation for the photo and it makes way more sense than the haters' claims:

"I was waiting for my friend to wake up after her operation, so we got yogurt together," Iggy tweeted yesterday. "I was the designated driver. If I was worried about what people think, I wouldn't have posed for the pic or hung out in the lobby of a surgeon's office."

Good point. Also a good point - Iggy probably wouldn't have been standing, smiling, and noshing on yogurt if she'd just had two basketball halves installed in her mega-'donk.

At this point in her career, wherever Iggy goes, haters follow, so we're not surprised she was able to keep her cool and calmly plead her case. Now if she could only do the same when critics question if she writes her own raps.

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