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It’s been ten days since audiotape of Stephen Collins admitting to child molestation was leaked to the public, and with every new bit of information, it becomes more and more shocking that Collins has not yet been locked up for his acts.

Not only did he speak openly about his crimes with his wife and therapist, at times Collins allegedly allowed his pedophilia to influence his work.

Last week we learned that Collins penned a series of erotic novels that reportedly prompted one of his victims to recall details of his abuse.

Today, we find out that in a shockingly brazen move that may have been a cry for help, Collins recently took a role as a pedophile priest in the indie film Penance

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The film has not been widely released, but has gained a good amount of attention on the 2014 festival circuit.


The scene above is downright chilling in the context of the Collins sex scandal. In it, Collins character assures one of his parishioners that children are capable of moving on and overcoming sexual abuse.

The priest played by Collins then finally faces the consequences of his horrific crimes.

It’s not hard to see why Collins’ estranged wife Fay Grant believes that her husband took the role in hopes of being found out.

However, Collins also paid millions to lawyers and media outlets to cover up his crimes, so it seems the former 7th Heaven star was conflicted in his desire to be stopped before he commit any further acts of abuse.

A new victim in the Collins case recently came forward and the actor is currently under investigation by three law enforcement agencies.