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Stephen Collins, a veteran television star best known for roles on 7th Heaven and Revolution, could be in serious trouble with the law.

In 2012, the actor and wife Faye Grant (with whom he’s now embroiled in messy, drawn-out divorce proceedings) visited a therapist who asked Collins about a number of child molestation instances from several years prior.

Collins responded with specific details regarding him abusing and/or exposing himself to numerous underage girls – AND GRANT TAPED THESE THERAPY SESSIONS, unbeknownst to Collins at the time, of course.

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Grant was advised to record the sessions by her attorney because California law permits one to gather evidence in such a manner against another person who committed a violent felony.

In the recording, obtained by TMZ, Collins talks about making a "disclosure" and a "list,” the latter of which refers to the confession Collins had already made to Grant about these sordid tales from his past, which is what prompted the therapy session in the first place.


Collins then gets disturbingly specific about cases of clear child molestation.

He says that he “put [the] hand” of an 11-year old relative of his first wife “on my penis.”

He says he exposed himself to that same girl “a couple of times” when she was 11, 12 and 13 years of age.

He says he had a "partial" erection at the time as well.

Collins also notes a young neighbor of his from years ago who he later apologized to for abusing. He then confirms an incident involving a 12 or 13-year old from New York.

NYPD officials are now in possession of this tape, according to multiple reports.

Last Wednesday, two detectives from the Special Victims Unit flew to Los Angeles to interview Grant, with an officer telling TMZ there’s an active investigation that centers on “at least 3 victims.”

Stephen Collins is accused of inappropriate sexual contact with minors.

The law states that he could still prosecuted because the statute of limitations has not yet expired after his first wife reported the incident with her young relative in 2012.

Collins, who is on the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild, is yet to respond to these allegations or this recording, but will likely have to soon …