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When recordings of Stephen Collins admitting to child molestation were made public last week, many wondered how the veteran actor had managed to keep his crimes hidden for so long.

Now, The National Enquirer is reporting that Collins shelled out millions in hush money and legal fees to prevent the shocking accusations from being made public. 

Collins has accused his ex wife Faye Grant of extortion, but the Enquirer reports that Grant freely offered information regarding Collins’ alleged crimes over two years ago.

“This year, Stephen confessed that he had been living a double life for the 27 years we have been together,” read an email from Grant to a friend that was obtained by the Enquirer. “I live every day with the agonizing guilt that I did not protect [the alleged victim.]”


When the Enquirer first contacted Grant about her accusations, she reportedly made no effort to deny the claims made in the email.

However, after Collins’s legal team contacted Grant and all media outlets that may have had access to the information, the story was quickly buried.

No one is sure exactly how Collins managed this, but it’s assumed that he threatened legal action or offered bribes to anyone with knowledge of the accusations against him.

It’s not currently not known what sort of legal action will be taken against Collins as a result of the shocking audiotape released last Tuesday:

Stephen Collins Admits to Child Molestation