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A new, disturbing piece of information has emerged regarding the already-very-disturbing story of Stephen Collins.

It’s come light that the actor wrote two erotic novels prior to landing his big role on 7th Heaven; a book titled "Eye Contact" in 1994 and one titled "Double Exposure" in 1998.

This tidbit is relevant because Collins has been caught on audio admitting to the sexual molestation of three young girls.

(You can listen to this admission, recorded by the star’s estranged wife in 2012, below.)

Stephen Collins Admits to Child Molestation

According to Gawker, who has published excerpts from these novels, Eye Contact is the more explicit of the two books.


It tells the story of a struggling actress in New York named Nick. In an early sex scene, she takes a man back to her apartment and starts to perform oral sex on him… with her apartment door open.

Nick later exposes her boobs to a hotel room service waiter.

"During her emerging swanhood, she discovered a power previously unimagined," writes Collins. "She experienced the effect of removing her clothes in front of the opposite sex. It became her deepest secret."

Collins also pens the following in a different section of the book.

"The sources of her first and most heightened sexual experiences were not merely frowned upon, but illegal and sick."

Many, of course, would label the actions Collins has admitted to as "illegal and sick" as well.

Following the shocking tape of Collins saying he once placed the hand of an 11-year old girl on his penis, various outlets have obtained the divorce papers between Collins and Faye Grant.

They contain these same allegations of his history of allegedly abusing young girls.

A lawyer for Collins alleges that Grant has been trying to extort his client for millions by threatening the release of the audio above. He says she definitely leaked it this week.

Grant denies this charge, but the public doesn’t really care.

All we’re focused is in the fact that Stephen Collins very clearly admits to molesting three very young girls. He is yet to comment on the scandal.