Suge Knight Shooting: Assailant Caught on Video, But Witnesses Clam Up

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The gunman who shot Suge Knight and two others at a pre-VMA party early Sunday was caught on video, but witnesses to the attack can't or won't finger him.

West Hollywood nightclub 1OAK, where the shooting occurred, has a sophisticated surveillance system that covers almost the entire club, TMZ reports.

At least one of the security cameras clearly shows a man firing a gun.

Not only that, there have been numerous other Instagram videos that help pinpoint the suspect, whose facial features are clear enough to make out.

The issue? No witness has been able to identify Sunday's shooter.

While two of the four bullets fired struck Suge Knight, this may have been an assassination attempt on Chris Brown, who was hosting the VMA bash.

Because Chris, Suge and rapper Game (also present) make no secret of their Bloods affiliation, police are looking into whether the shooting was gang related.

Of course, even if they know who did it or could help the cops figure it out, no witness has proven eager to finger the shooter for this obvious reason.

Investigators have yet to interview Suge himself; the rap mogul, 49, was taken to the hospital via ambulance and is said to be sedated after surgery.

That may be a dead end, as ee're not positive Knight, Brown or Game would rat out the shooter even if they knew him. Snitches get stitches, right?

Law enforcement officials have yet to release the official 1OAK footage, and they may do so in hopes of the public helping them out if they can't ID him.

An anonymous tip might do the trick. For now, the hunt goes on ...

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