Lena Headey Nude Scene: BANNED By Church Officials! Game of Thrones Fans Are PISSED!

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The fifth season of Game of Thrones is currently filming in...well, just about all over the freakin' world, and an unfortunate choice of shooting location might end up denying fans a glimpse of Lena Headey's awesome boobs.

Oh, and it could also force writers to eliminate a crucial scene from the books. Allow us to explain (there be spoilers ahead):

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

GoT's King's Landing storyline is currently filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia. One very important scene involves Lena's Queen Cersei doing a sort of medieval walk of shame  -  completely nude - as penance for her wicked ways. 

You might think that the citizens of Dubrovnik would be pretty psyched about the idea of a gorgeous actress strolling their town completely nude.

But apparently the Dubrovnikians don't enjoy things like boobs or happiness because the local church is doing everything in its power to stop the scene from being filmed:

You might be saying to yourself, "Big deal. Game of Thrones has hot naked women in every episode. What's one less set of boobs?"

First, we'd like to remind you that every set of boobs matters. Second, as readers of the books know, the scene in question is a pretty important one. 

It's basically Cersei's long-awaited comeuppance, and George R.R. Martin's way of saying she won't get away with being a terrible bee-yotch forever. 

In fact, sources say that the main reason Headey remained so heavily clothed for the past four seasons was because she wanted it to be that much more shocking when her character finally strips down.

Oh, well. You can always just pop in a DVD of 300 if you really wanna see Lena nude. And of course, you can watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic for all kinds of fantastic medieval boobs.

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