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Rap mogul Suge Knight was shot twice at 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif., earlier this morning, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The Death Row co-founder is in surgery, having been shot in the stomach and arm.

Suge Knight Shot at Club

Witnesses including Tyson Beckford and Robert Ri’chard say they were at venue for a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown when they heard four shots.

Suge Knight took at least one of those bullets fired by an unknown assailant.

The 49-year-old walked out of the club under his own power and was helped by police into a squad car, then later an ambulance bound for the hospital.

Based on that, it is presumed he will be alright, although the nature of Suge’s injuries isn’t clear. Two others were shot in the altercation as well.

One of those unnamed individuals is said to be in critical condition.


Game and several members of his entourage reportedly were denied entry and caused a scene; it’s not known if they were at all involved in the shooting.

Sheriff’s deputies had guns drawn as the club-goers exited with their hands in the air just after the shooting, which capped an eventful 24 hours for pre-VMA events.

During a rehearsal for her performance tonight, a Nicki Minaj Dancer was bitten by snake, while Iggy Azalea fell off the stage during a pre-VMA concert.

As for Mr. Knight, this story is still developing