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The gang affiliation shared by Chris Brown, Game and Suge Knight is being investigated as a possible cause of the latter’s shooting Sunday morning.

Police are focusing on a beef between gangs that led to the nightclub incident that saw Suge Knight shot and sent to the ICU with multiple bullet wounds.

The common denominator between Chris Brown, Suge Knight and Game, all of whom were present and have ties to the Bloods, is being extensively probed.

Chris Brown was throwing up gang signs prior to the shooting inside 1OAK early Sunday a.m., and was performing with a red bandana, the Bloods’ calling card.

It’s not the first time the troubled R&B star has flaunted his Bloods affiliation, throwing up their hand insignia and even giving shout-outs on Instagram.

At least one member of the Fruit Town Pirus, a Bloods-connected crew, is on Chris’ payroll; Game, who was also at 1OAK, is proudly one of the Bloods.


Game, whose album is even called Blood Money, got in a fight outside the venue before the shots rang out because they wouldn’t let him and his posse in.

Suge Knight, the notorious Death Row Records founder, is known almost as much for being part of the Bloods as he is for his status as a music mogul.

Combine all this with several known gang bangers surrounding Chris at the time of the shooting and police are zeroing in on this in the shooting investigation.

It’s unclear if any of the three music figures were directly or indirectly involved in the incident, or who shot at who, but cops are working the gang angle.

Brown, of course, is STILL on probation for beating up Rihanna, so regardless of his involvement or lack thereof, this is not likely to reflect positively on him.