The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 3 Recap: Andi Separates the Men From the Boyz

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On part one of ABC's two-night Bachelorette EVENT, Andi Dorfman saw boys turned into men and picked the one guy she wanted to grow old with.

Yet only sort of literally.

Meanwhile, someone left the show of his own volition, and Dorfman confronted another contestant about the alleged girlfriend he has back home.

Cue dramatic music.

Follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers to learn who makes the top four (and who wins) if you dare. Then come along for THG's Episode 3 rundown:

Right out of the gate, Andi and Nick Viall really seemed to hit it off, sharing a day of bike riding and hiking followed by a romantic dinner in Santa Barbara.

Andi grilled Nick about past relationships and why such a great guy isn't married at 33 while all his friends are. He handled this quasi-interrogation well.

The two got pretty close and made out a bit. Cementing Nick's place as one of the favorites this season, even if he is a "skeptic" by Bachelorette standards.

Then Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick, and Marcus all got to go on a group date, and it was beyond bad.

The guys got singing lessons from Boyz II Men and had to perform "I'll Make Love to You," at an outdoor Boyz II Men concert. It was so painful.

The members of Boyz II Men noted that if this group date was any indication of her choices, she may as well just be by herself. Okay, that was funny.

Bradley, so confident in his opera skills, assumed he would rule over the other guys and get the rose. Not the case. It was embarrassing for him.

Josh Murray walked away with the day's group date rose (and a kiss) for his positive attitude and good looks, even though he forgot the words.

Watch out Nick. There's your chief competition.

During the group date, Ron Worrell packed up and left, informing the guys that a close friend passed away and he had to go deal with that situation.

Very sad for Ron. Little impact on anyone else.

Later, Andi took Cody Sattler aside to ask him about a rumor she heard about him having a girlfriend, but was only messing with him for some reason.

It's unclear why this was thrown in (Did they need an extra two minutes of filler? Was it just to create fake spoilers?) but he appreciated it in the end.

Meanwhile, Andi received a huge bouquet of flowers and a sweet note from Nick Viall ... while spending some one-on-one time with Eric Hill.

The awkwardness of dating 16 guys at once.

Eric felt bad, and Andi felt terrible that she couldn't hide the grin on her face, but Nick is clearly emerging as one of the major contenders this year.

Finally, JJ told Josh about Andrew getting a girl's number while on the show (presumably on the group date) and they confronted Andrew about it.

He refused to talk to them, and was told to man up, at which point he eventually admitted it to the guys, but not to Andi, who gave him a rose anyway.

We'll see where this loose end leads.

Roses: Josh Murray, Pat Jagodzinski, JJ O’Brien, Eric Hill, Marquel Martin, Tasos Hernandez, Brian Osborne, Dylan Petitt, Marcus Grodd, Andrew Poole, Chris Soules, Nick Viall and Cody Sattler.

Eliminated: Bradley Wisk and Brett Melnick (rose ceremony); Ron Worrell (before ceremony)

Our condolences, Ron, and not to worry, Bradley and Brett. EEES OKAY! You can watch The Bachelorette online and make fun of it now just like us!

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