V. Stiviano: Attacked in New York City?

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V. Stiviano - the women whose voice is on the other end of the Donald Sterling audio recordings that outed this basketball executive as a huge racist and led to his ousting as owner of the Clippers - got attacked in New York City last night.

According to attorney Mac Nehorary, Stiviano was leaving the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District around 7 p.m. "two white men descended on her."

"They knew exactly who she was,” Nehorary  tells Radar. "They began to hit her and called her the N word. Other disgusting slurs were made against her. She was able to run away and several onlookers then began attempting to apprehend the two men.

Stiviano was left with one side of her face “extremely red,” her lawyer contends, although a visit to the doctor did not reveal any further injuries.

She has not filed a police report yet, either.

“Her immediate reaction was to run away from the attackers and get to safety,” Nehorary says, adding that his client will likely go to the authorities this week.

Sterling, 80, was banned for life from the NBA by Commissioner Adam Silver a few weeks ago due to the controversy over the comments recorded by Stiviano.

Since that time, a video of Stiviano making fun of African Americans has also surfaced:

Is it possible that her lawyer is making up this assault story in order to garner sympathy for his client?

It's something to consider, especially once you note that Stiviano has a long rap sheet and is under investigation for extortion.

Stiviano and Nehorary will sit across from Anderson Cooper tonight for an interview on CNN.

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