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Chris Brown has been released from jail, according to reports. He had spent the last several months locked up having had his probation revoked.

Despite being sentenced on May 9 to 131 additional days in jail, the 25-year-old star was sprung around midnight this morning with little fanfare.

Chris Brown: Out of Jail!

His whereabouts are unknown at this time, but he’s not going far. The R&B singer still faces assault charges in D.C., and a trial set to begin soon.

Chris was actually sentenced to a year behind bars, but got credit for 116 days spent in rehab, and another 59 days behind bars, which counted double.

That left 131 to go, but after serving about 22 of those, the judge apparently believed justice had been well enough served to cut Brown loose.

Pending trial, that is. Brown admitted he violated his probation by getting into a fight in D.C., and therefore could have faced up to four YEARS.


The judge sentenced him to a year in jail because it was the maximum term he could impose on him without revoking his probation permanently.

Had he done that, Chris would have faced the maximum sentence for the nasty assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna he pleaded guilty to in 2009.

Brown could still be cleared in the D.C. case, though, and he was recently diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar disorder, which earned him leniency.

Despite being kicked out of rehab TWICE in the last eight months, he was also allowed to count that time in treatment toward the year sentence.

In the end, Brown was given a little bit of slack – though by no means was this a slap on the wrist either – because the D.C. trial is still pending.

If convicted in that case, he faces possible jail time as well; everything discussed so far pertains only to his probation for the beating of Rihanna.

Rehab must seem like a walk in the park compared to the slammer, where he had been since March. Think this was enough to scare him straight?