Cody Sattler: Does The Bachelorette Contestant Have a Girlfriend at Home?

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There's one every season on The Bachelorette. One contestant who may have a girlfriend back at home and who may be there for the ... wait ... 

... Wrong reasons.

Cody Sattler, the jacked personal trainer, is presented in the show's latest sneak preview as the latest, unlikely candidate for this villainous role.

Cody Sattler Photo
Andi Dorfman: The Bachelorette 2014!

Cody doesn't seem like he has a remote chance of winning the thing, but he also doesn't really strike us as duplicitous enough to pull such a maneuver.

Yet that's the implication as we see Andi Dorfman confront him about the subject in ABC's promo for Sunday and Monday's TWO-NIGHT EVENT.

At least it looks like that's what's about to go down. We don't get to see Cody's response, and this show is gold standard of misleading preview clips.

The network promises that one bachelor is going to receive some bad news from home, which could be related to this ... or something entirely different.

Check it the teaser below and see what you think:

The official synopsis reads: "Andi hits the road with her 16 remaining bachelors to the beautiful coastal city of Santa Barbara, California."

"Nick V., who has had his share of doubts about this journey, will get a chance to ease his worries on a day-long tour of the city with Andi."

"Twelve guys get the date of a lifetime when they discover they will be singing with R&B icons 'Boyz II Men,' but are stunned to find out it will be in front of a live concert audience.

"J.J. and Andi take a leap into the very far future when they are turned into a sweet 80-year-old couple by Hollywood makeup artists and proceed to fool the Santa Barbara citizens."

Meanwhile, the teaser goes on to say, "one bachelor receives devastating news that brings his search for love to a halt, but how will Andi react?"

"And a major confrontation between some of the men brings questions about whether one of them is here just for a good time."

The plot thickens! Who do you think is there for the WRONG REASONS and who will win Andi's heart when the final rose is doled out this summer?

Check out The Bachelorette spoilers page on THG for more on that subject, and share your comments, predictions and theories with us below!

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