Farrah Abraham to Tori Spelling: Leave Dean McDermott NOW!

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Farrah Abraham is weighing in on the greatness that is True Tori, urging Tori Spelling to give Dean McDermott the boot immediately if not sooner.

The Teen Mom turned Backdoor Teen Mom star may be only 23, but that isn’t stopping her from adding her two cents about others' relationships.

She is authoring a Christian parenting book, after all.

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“It’s best to move on, Tori!” Farrah tells Life & Style magazine. “I would not tolerate someone cheating on me. She needs to look after their children!”

Of course, Tori says that a big reason she tried to make things work with Dean is because of their four kids and not wanting to break up their family.

On the flip side, Tori subjected the kids to a show in which McDermott fakes a suicide attempt and she talks about sexually experimenting to satisfy Dean.

Clearly, it's not easy to get a read on what's real and what isn't here, or to cast judgment if you're Farrah Abraham, but why let that stop her?

Reaction to Farrah Abraham's advice was mixed.

"Farrah needs to stop worrying about other peoples lives," wrote one commenter. "Omg girl your life is a mess and you think your opinion matters?!! Wow."

Then again, others agreed, with one adding, "Honestly if they cheat they already walked away from you and your relationship. I say kick him to the curb!!"

Conversely, another said, "It's not an easy road but life never is! People these days are so quick to walk away instead of dealing with issues and putting work in!"

Perhaps the best response of all, though, was this gem: "When tabloids refer to you as 'Back Door Teen Mom star' you should just shut the hell up and stay home."

Truer words have never been spoken.

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