Gwyneth Paltrow Preparing Beyonce For Divorce?!

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Rumors that Jay Z is cheating with Casey Cohen have been circulating for days now without a word of response from either party.

Coming on the heels of the power couple's scandalous night at the MET Gala, it's not surprising that reports of a Jay Z-Beyonce divorce are everywhere at the moment.

Of course, the Internet chatter is unlikely to be silenced by the fact that Beyonce is reportedly leaving her family life behind for a few days to embark on spa getaway with none other than "conscious uncoupling" expert Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Gwyneth Paltrow: Red carpet

Paltrow, of course, fancies herself an expert on divorce (and just about every other topic), which has led many to believe that Gwinnie and Bey are taking their mini-vacation in order to prepare for the media firestorm that's sure to follow the announcement of the singer's separation from Jay.

Gwyneth and Bey have been friends for years, and there's naturally been no confirmation that the two stars are planning some sort of "PR strategies for divorcing A-listers" retreat, but given the very public controversies that both women have been involved with recently, the timing of their trip does seem a bit suspect. 

Of course, it's equally likely that both of them just want a spend a couple days in the company of someone who understands their plight. Not everyone can relate to having their marital troubles plastered of the cover of every tabloid.

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