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Tori Spelling‘s cheating husband, that narcissistic train wreck Dean McDermott, recently revealed on her reality show True Tori that he wanted to off himself.

The revelation resulted in him being placed on psychiatric hold at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, but a new report suggests it was all BS.

Because True Tori is all fake, or at least it’s starting to appear that way.

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It’s not that McDermott wasn’t in rough shape, he just wasn’t depressed over cheating on Spelling with Emily Goodhand, as the show made it out to seem.

In reality, sources close to him say, he was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after hallucinating that he could fly … following a hard core partying binge.

"He kept telling Tori he could fly, and she was afraid that Dean was going to try and do something crazy, so she sought help for him,” a source told Radar.

“Dean didn’t try to take his own life, nor did he threaten suicide. Tori panicked after Dean came home from a partying binge, and was obviously under the influence."


“At no point has Dean ever wanted to end his life. Of course, after being confronted with the cheating, Dean wishes he lived on another planet, but not dead."

Well played, source.

"From UCLA, Dean was sent off to another facility for further treatment," the insider goes on, noting that "essentially, Dean was at UCLA to detox.”

The reason for deceiving viewers of True Tori all comes down to one thing: Ratings.

“It makes for a better storyline that Dean tried to commit suicide,” the insider said.

“If it was just Dean’s hard core partying, it just wouldn’t have a significant impact. There are also concerns about getting into the depths of Dean’s drug problems because of his career."

"No one out there wants to hire a junkie.”

Or be married to one apparently.