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Last night, on the very special lost footage episode of True Tori: Confessions, a tearful Tori confesses that she was actually having tons of sex with Dean.

Not just sex, but doing kinky stuff she can’t even SAY. Then he goes and cheats on her anyway like the total jackass that he is. The nerve …

True Tori Confessions Clip - Sex Details!

“He was wanting more sex from me," Tori Spelling laments.

"He wanted more and more adventurous stuff. I was doing everything he wanted … That’s why when this happened, it was such a slap in my face.”

Tori tells her therapist that she and Dean were “doing things I’m pretty sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids are doing at home.”

What things? She stops, just barely, at “ladies don’t tell.”

TMI True Tori sex secrets and details aside, she says hearing Dean McDermott say he is not sure he wants to stay in the marriage was the hardest.

He thinks she’s too controlling. She thinks he’s, well …

True Tori: Confessions Episode

Let’s just say Dean is not the most stable or secure individual. Whether or not McDermott faked his suicide attempt, dude has some major issues.

Tori shares that she still didn’t really know how to communicate with him. Neither does he, as his letter to her is all about his own feelings, not hers.

She is grateful for their kids, though. Even if she subjects them to a reality show where she discusses the tattoo of Tori’s name above his junk.

On True Tori: Confessions, she talks about that very tat.

The ink made her feel secure, since another woman would not want to have sex with a man with wife’s name tattooed right about his manhood.

So much for that theory, right Emily Goodhand?

True Tori Reunion Recap

Tori talks about how horrible she felt about Dean going away for Chopped: Canada and how hard it was to have him leave again after all this.

Lifetime then airs previously unseen footage of the two talking by the fire and Dean opening up to her that he sees the error of his ways now.

This, she says, was him finally hearing her.

At the same time, she feels Dean is naive about feeling so confident about their future so soon after he banged someone else and put them through this.

Tori does concede that in seeing the show, she sees something in him that proves Dean loves her and helped her go through the healing process.

She ends the episode by telling fans that she "won’t let the past define her" even though she doesn’t know what the future holds for their family.

Bottom line, True Tori has taught us that:

  1. Dean McDermott is a self-absorbed jackass with a special tattoo, and who had tons of sex with his wife then cheated on her with another woman (and probably others) anyway.
  2. He and Tori will do just about anything for ratings and a steady paycheck, even if it means airing their dirty laundry or fabricating said laundry on shameless reality shows.