Selena Gomez: Battling a DEADLY DISEASE!!!

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For reasons not entirely clear, Miley Cyrus dissed Selena Gomez in concert this week, violently tossing around a cardboard cutout of her fellow singer.

But the latest issue of In In Touch Weekly states plainly: the artist has something more pressing to worry about than a petty Miley Cyrus slight...

She's battling a DEADLY DISEASE!

Selena Gomez Tabloid Cover

The tabloid quotes multiple doctors for its misleading article (none of whom have ever met Gomez), and they all agree that “too much work, stress or partying could have serious consequences” for the star. 

They cite her diagnosis of Lupus and say Selena is on the verge of "life and death," depending on her life choices.

The tabloid goes on to say that Gomez “wasn’t taking care of herself at all” throughout her roller coasting relationship with Justin Bieber and that her family “staged an intervention” as a result.

However, this act “only pushed her deeper into the abyss during her medical crisis," according to a totally real insider.

Fortunately, Gomez made the "life-changing decision to clean up her act" in recent weeks, the magazine writes, explaining that she “has recommitted herself to her physical and emotional health."

This has been made clear by a number of happy Instagram photos (below)... but it doesn't mean Selena is out of the dangerous woods just yet. 

"[Her] loved ones still fear her cycle of bad decisions could start over again at any time," the tabloid warns.

Especially if Bieber takes his shirt off again in Selena's presence. We all know what kind of side effects that can have.

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