Paris Hilton is a party host, bad actress, singer, model and painfully annoying skank based in Southern California. This former A-list...

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Amanda Bynes keeps generating more wild headlines by the day. Her latest escapades? Getting the boot from a nightclub after a fight ... with Paris Hilton.

As if bragging about how she lost 18 pounds or (hopefully) joking about murdering her parents weren't enough for one weekend, now comes this report:

  • Amanda Bynes on the Street
  • Paris Hilton and Her Dog

Amanda allegedly got booted out of the VIP area at 1Oak Thursday night after she tried to sit at Paris' table with Hilton and her pal Brandon Davis.

Remember Greasy Bear, back when Paris was 10 times more famous?

"Amanda tried to sit at Paris and Brandon’s table, and they were not happy," says an insider. "There was a scene, words were exchanged, and they kicked her out."

“Amanda wasn’t drinking, but was acting really weird. She stood in the middle of the club with her friend, looking really awkward, and just seemed totally out of it."

Sadly for Bynes, she was snubbed by Hilton, who is one of her idols.

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Halloween is just around the corner, but if you still haven't figured out a costume, worry not - we've got your covered.

You can always check out our list of unorthodox "sexy" Halloween costumes, if you want to got the revealing route. Of course, if the cat ears and underwear look isn't for you, why not just steal an idea from a celebrity?

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has selected her Halloween costume. She's going as Lil Kim. What do you think?

Now, you'll want to be careful about who you draw inspiration from on this list.

For example, Rihanna did some sort of sexy zombie thing last year, but that's not the kind of thing most people can pull off. As a rule, rotting flesh isn't sexy.

Oh, and when we mentioned Nicki Minaj in the headline, we meant the celebrity who went as Nicki Minaj.

We can't stress this enough: if you wear Nicki Minaj's Halloween costume from last year, you will get arrested for indecent exposure.

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Aside from being filthy rich and coining some crazy annoying catchphrases, Paris Hilton is perhaps best known for being blonde.

So needless to say, her Instagram followers were thoroughly shocked when Heiress Paris posted the photo below over the weekend. 


Yes, that's Kim Kardashian's former BFF sporting some chestnut locks and, as Paris would say, that's hot.

Frankly, we think she looks better than ever, but a number of her fans have vocally disagreed. Whatever your thoughts on the change, there's no denying that Paris needs to get the web's attention by whatever means necessary these days.

Her "career" has been slumping lately with far more downs than ups in 2014. Paris' "Come Alive" music video tanked for the perfectly good reason that it was terrible. 

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Alright, we know Paris Hilton is one of the heirs to a massive fortune, so it's not all that surprising that she's able to drop six figures on champagne in one night. 

What is surprising is that Paris still makes a veritable butt-ton of cash from DJing gigs and personal appearances.

Paris Hilton Mug Shot
Paris Hilton hasn't been famous for a long time. But she hasn't been arrested in years, either!

Yes, when Paris isn't taking #SexySelfies, she's spinning records - or at least hitting play on an iPod - and she's very well compensated for doing so.

Paris raked in about $2.7 million for a recent 4-night DJ engagement at an NYC hot spot and to celebrate the conclusion of all that, like, totally hard work, Paris and her friends celebrated in baller fashion at Manhattan's Marquee club.

Heiress Paris was spotted ordering giant bottles of Ace of Spades champagne that were priced at $100,000 each!

She also shelled out for eleven bottles each of Patron, Cristal, and Grey Goose.

But hold on to your hatred, because as ridiculous as Paris' bottle-popping may have been, she was at least equally generous with the staff, leaving a $47,000 tip for the club's servers and bartenders.

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Hey, remember Paris Hilton?!?

She had a sex tape a long time ago? She was the best friend, and actually the boss, of Kim Kardashian? She then got overtaken by her former personal assistant when the Kim Kardashian sex tape hit and when that star learned how to master social media.

Yup. Now you remember right. Paris Hilton!

Well, it looks as if the celebrity is trying to make a comeback of sorts by doing what she does best: not much at all.

Hilton posted a new picture to Instagram last night, one of her in black lingerie and one that includes the caption "#SexySelfie." Check it out here:

Paris Hilton Selfie

Combined with the seductive Carl's Jr. ad in which she also now appears, it's clear Hilton is attempting to make a move off the D-List.

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Except for The Amazing Race, which wins Emmys for a reason (because it's a great show), reality TV is a lot of mindless entertainment that we watch for very few discernible reasons.

Aside from living in exotic locales and the likelihood of making out with hot guys and girls, what other reason do people have for starring on reality TV shows? 

Well, most of these shameless individuals see their time on reality TV as a starting ground for bigger and better things! Fame! Fortune! A #1 hit or a box office smash! 

Except that doesn't usually happen, though. See below:

Farrah Abraham
Oooooh, lord. Teen Mom star Farrah Abaham wanted to be a singer, and released some absolutely horrible songs to no avail (but great amusement). She's also a terrible actress, as evidenced by her attempts to convince us her sex tape was released by mistake. Screaming is a different story, as she proved with James Deen ...

The 15 reality stars in this gallery, none of whom can act or sing but all of whom have tried, prove this point and then some. Often with hilarious results.

They hoped their reality TV shows would launch them into superstardom. They were wrong ... mostly. In the case of Farrah Abraham and Kim Kardashian?

Millions of dollars have been made, and celebrity status has been achieved. Not how they might have drawn it up when they started out, but still.

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Suri Cruise. Shiloh Pitt. Nori West. Prince George. Blue Ivy Carter.

These celebrity offspring are the result of two near-perfect specimens coming together to reproduce. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Not perfect.

But they sure do make cute babies. (RIP Joan Rivers.)

We thought we'd take a look at a few other celebrity face mashups to see what the resulting individual might look like. The results? Take a look:

Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick
Is it just us or do Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick make the most beautiful woman in the world?

The results? The results are freaking perfection, that's what!

Seriously, could science just hurry up and figure out a way to let Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick morph genetically and become one person?

It's 2014! Why isn't this possible!?! We have no idea.

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It may seem as if they exist in a wholly different universe, but even celebrities attended middle school and high school.

Seriously! It's true! Remember these celebrity prom photos that really must be seen to be believed?

Now, to further drive home the point that even a global UNICEF ambassador such as Angelina Jolie, and even an amateur sex tape star such as Kim Kardashian, have something in common with regular folks, we've comprised a gallery of celebrity yearbook pictures.

While some actresses look pretty much the same (we'd know Jolie's pouty lips anywhere!), the changes in others from their teenage years until now is remarkable.

Like the ninth star listed below, for instance!

If we didn't give you his name, you may not even recognize him! Click around to see what we mean and to whom we're referring:

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea, born Amethyst Kelly, in her old yearbook photo. That's awesome.

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Celebrity siblings are sort of a weird case study in everything from family dynamics to facial features.

Do the younger siblings try to become famous because of the older siblings? Are they trying to make their own name on merit or just riding on coat tails?

What happens when the celebrity siblings look so much alike people get them confused!? How's it possible to make a name for yourself if everyone thinks you're someone else!?

Check out 17 celebrity sibling duos who might actually be the same person.

Pippa and Kate Middleton
Pippa Middleton might have the better...ASSETS...but she and sister Kate Middleton definitely got the same amazing smile.

Then there's the possibility we're all being punked by some elaborate conspiracy. Maybe these famous sibling sets aren't actually siblings at all.

It makes you think. And blame the Illuminati.

And then there are the celebrity look-alikes, those who aren't related but might as well be. Heck, some of these look more like other celebs than their actual siblings ...

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Ibiza, Spain is the center of the celebrity gossip world these days.

As you may have heard, Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber last week after the two exchanged words over Miranda Kerr.

Then, fire and brimstone nearly destroyed us all when Bieber hung out with Kim Kardashian and kompany during a birthday party for designer Riccardo Tisci.

Also on Friday evening, apparently, Kim caught up with old friend Paris Hilton, posing for an Instagram picture with the ex-A lister:

Kim Kardashian with Paris Hilton

"Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so good to see you & catch up!! Loves it lol," Kardashian wrote as a caption.

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