Wow. Britney Spears is ... just.... OMG. Wow. Just wow. With this girl, that's about all we can say at this point. Once the biggest star...

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Last week, we learned that Britney Spears is dating Charlie Ebersol.

It's somewhat surprising to see Brit throwing herself into another serious relationship so soon after her breakup with David Lucado, but it's not at all surprising to find that in many ways, her new dude is the exact opposite of her cheating ex.

Ebersol is wealthy, successful, stable...and most importantly, he's well-liked by the rest of the Spears clan.

Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears

"He does well financially and is very private," a source close to the family tells People magazine. "They don't have to worry about whether he is using Britney."

Of course, just because Charlie has money of his own (his father is famed NBC exec Dick Ebersol), that isn't necessarily a guarantee that he's not using Spears for his own personal gain:

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Wendy Williams thinks Britney Spears' new beau Charlie Ebersol, with whom she went public recently, may be a toxic influence she's slipping under.

The talk show host was chatting with the Huffington Post and was asked about Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears, who confirmed their new romance.

"I saw," the comedienne said disapprovingly of their selfie.

"People were saying it's too soon," she added of the couple. "Britney's been with him for three weeks. I'm chalking this up to her being a girl, soft and pink."

Williams said she gets where Spears is coming from, but that the pop star needs to be more careful about flaunting her love life on Twitter and Instagram.

"Here's where she needs to grow up and perhaps think twice about stuff like that, because she's got kids," she said of the mom of two sons, Jayden and Sean.

"When I was 34, I was still able to make stupid decisions."

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Last week, we learned that Britney Spears is dating Charlie Ebersol - a television producer who is also the son of legendary NBC exec Dick Ebersol.

Since then, Britney has confirmed the relationship, and even posted a photo of herself and Ebersol on Instagram, which he then shared on his own account:

Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears

The relationship is still fairly new, but from the outside, it seems that things are going well...which makes the latest news on how the two met that much more unexpected:

According to the Daily Mail, Ebersol was not only approved by Britney's father, he was actually hand-selected by the elder Spears before he'd ever even met Britney.

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Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears are ready for their close-up.


The singer, who confirmed she has someone special in her life earlier this week in an interview with Access Hollywood, has posted a selfie on Instagram of her and the television producer.

Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears

Spears did not need a single actual word to express her feelings for Eberson, including as a caption to this image a mere heart emoticon.

Sometimes, a symbol says a thousand words, don't you agree?

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As we learned earlier this week, Britney Spears is dating again, with Charlie Ebersol.

The music icon, who turns 33 next month, confirmed the news herself during Britney Spears Day in Las Vegas Wednesday, saying, "Yes, there is a special someone."

She didn't offer many more details about Charlie Ebersol, saying, "It's very new."

Reg Jones
Yes, the man who took Britney's v-card was a high school love named Reg Jones.

What's not new is speculation about her personal life. Britney rose to stardom in 1998 (!) and was a Mickey Mouse Club member even before that.

In other words, she's been a public figure for a long, long time.

The fact that Charlie Ebersol follows in the footsteps of 17 boyfriends (several of which became husbands) is a testament to Britney's life in the limelight.

The couple, who met through friends, can't end on a poorer note than her last long-term relationship. Spears dumped David Lucado for cheating on her.

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It's official: Bharlie is a go!

A day after rumors surfaced that Britney Spears is dating television producer Charlie Ebersol, the singer was asked about her romantic life during an interview with Extra.

Yes, there is a special someone. It’s very new,” Spears said as she was being awarded a key to Las Vegas, where she is in the middle of a popular residency at Planet Hollywood.

Charlie Ebersol is the son of the legendary NBC executive Dick Ebersol.

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Happy Britney Spears Day, y'all!

Yes, this is actually a thing. Caesars Entertainment announced last month that Spears would be honored with her own holiday on November 5, and that day is now!

Britney Spears Bikini Wallpaper
Most people can only fantasize about Britney Spears with wallpaper like this. David Lucado could wallpaper himself with Britney's body and he let it slip away.

What does that even mean?

For one, Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak will present the music superstar with her official proclamation and a key to the Las Vegas Strip!

Moreover, the festivities will officially kick off at the LINQ Promenade at 5:30 p.m. and the first 100 "Britneys" in line will win free tickets to Spears' concert!

Britney's Piece of Me residency has been a major success since its inception last December, so it's not a big surprise that she's receiving an honor like this.

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Yes, Britney Spears and David Lucado broke up just two months ago, but things move fast in Britney World and E! News is reporting that the iconic pop star has already moved on to a new man.

Charlie Ebersol is the son of legendary NBC honcho Dick Ebersol and actress Susan St. James. There's no word on how long Charlie and Brit have been seeing one another but sources say they're definitely an item.

  • Work Bitch Singer
  • Charlie Ebersol Photo

A film and TV producer whose credits include the 2013 reality series The Moment.

Ebersol dated Maria Sharapova for several years before they mutually decided to end their relationship.

Spears is doing incredibly well in her career with a Vegas residency that's breaking attendance records and netting her six figures a show. Her personal life, however, has been a bit tumultuous as of late:

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Sam Lutfi, Amanda Bynes' friend and Britney Spears' former "manager," is defending his "work" with the stars in a bizarre open letter that has Spears' camp on high alert.

Evil Lurks Behind Her

Lutfi writes on XOJane (dot) com that so many of the things written about his relationships with troubled celebrities like those two are mere misconceptions.

“I’ve worked in Hollywood for a long time," says Lutfi, who was instrumental in getting Amanda Bynes placed under a 5150 hold earlier this month.

"I am a problem solver, and I care about helping people get out of what may seem like some of their more difficult places in life," writes the mysterious character.

"Over the years these experiences have led me to see what happens when too much fame and too much money can sometimes get the best of celebrities."

This, Sam Lutfi says, is "why you have seen me associated with some of the more famous celebrities when they are in their most trying hours."

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Mario Lopez recently admitted he had a one night stand with a mystery "mega pop star," which sent the celebrity gossip world into a frenzy wondering who.

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In his memoir Just Between Us, we learned that the 41-year-old Lopez lost his virginity at a very young age and had at least one very famous conquest.

During his recent appearance on the Ellen Show, he said the one-night sex romp may have taken place "six or seven years ago ... eight years ago?"

He wouldn't name names, but multiple sources now confirm what THG assumed from the start: Britney Spears was the "mega pop star" in question!

Spears and Lopez are friends, and were both single at the time of the hook-up, as Spears had parted ways with husband Kevin Federline in 2006.

Lopez was on a break with then-girlfriend Karina Smirnoff from 2006-08, during which Britney was not in the best place mentally and got around a lot.

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