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Miley Cyrus is trying to make the best of a bad situation.

The singer remains stuck in the hospital due to an allergic reaction to sinus infection medication and has postponed her U.S. tour until August.

But at least she hasn't lost her sense of humor.

Miley Cyrus Instagram Photos
Miley is all quacked up in this photo, snapped while she was hospitalized for an allergic reaction.
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Miley Cyrus Quacks Up

1. Miley Cyrus Quacks Up

Miley is all quacked up in this photo, snapped while she was hospitalized for an allergic reaction.

Miley Cyrus Hospital Pic

2. Miley Cyrus Hospital Pic

Miley Cyrus suffered an allergic reaction to medication and was hospitalized in April 2014. But at least she was still able to snap some selfies.

Miley Cyrus in Hospital

3. Miley Cyrus in Hospital

Miley Cyrus is in the hospital. She has an allergic reaction but will be just fine

Miley Cyrus Haircut Photo

4. Miley Cyrus Haircut Photo

This is what it looks like when Miley Cyrus gets a haircut. Fascinating, isn't it?

Totally Topless Miley Cyrus

5. Totally Topless Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is very topless in this Instagram photo. At least she has strategically placed her arm in a certain spot, though.

Smooching Their Pooch

6. Smooching Their Pooch

Miley Cyrus and her sister lay a smooch on the former's dog in this adorable Twit pic. Cute stuff.

Miley and Dog

7. Miley and Dog

We send our thoughts to Miley Cyrus. Her dog Floyd passed away in the spring of 2014.

Miley Cyrus and Floyd

8. Miley Cyrus and Floyd

Miley Cyrus cuddles up here with Floyd. The dog sadly died in Apri 2014.

Miley Cyrus Sunburn

9. Miley Cyrus Sunburn

Miley Cyrus has had too much sun. She might wanna lookout for skin cancer.

Miley Cyrus Bikini Crotch

10. Miley Cyrus Bikini Crotch

Miley Cyrus doesn't just pose here in a bikini. She does a crotch grab.

Miley Cyrus Joint Rolling

11. Miley Cyrus Joint Rolling

This is your basic photo of Miley Cyrus rolling a joint. She very much likes to smoke marijuana.

Miley Cyrus Lip Tattoo

12. Miley Cyrus Lip Tattoo

Miley Cyrus rocks an eccentric tattoo in this photo. Are you digging it?

Miley Cyrus Sex Toy Pic

13. Miley Cyrus Sex Toy Pic

Miley Cyrus poses here with a sex toy. Why? Because that's how Miley Cyrus rolls.

Miley Cyrus Instagram Image

14. Miley Cyrus Instagram Image

We're up close and very personal with Miley Cyrus in this photo. She's singing into a microphone on Instagram.

“This hospitals full of a bunch of QUACKS (get it??? Quacks) #punnyeveninthehospy," Cyrus wrote as a caption to the Instagram photo above yesterday.

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Happy Easter, THGers!

In honor of this major holiday, we're here a few Easter recipes to help you plan your day, along with a few examples of celebrity stoners because, hey, it's also 4/20.

The Cincinnati Zoo, meanwhile, has posted a video of one-yet old gorilla Gladys Stones taking part in her very first Easter Egg hunt

Yes, a baby gorilla and an Easter Egg hunt. What more needs to be said? Watch now:

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NBC is about to announce some news that is totally bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Bananas:

Gwen Stefani will take over for Christina Aguilera as a judge on Season 7 of The Voice.

Stefani, Gwen

The network itself is yet to confirm the switch, but sources tell TMZ that Aguilera will be too far along in her pregnancy (8-9 months) by the time the Season 7 Battle Rounds begin to effectively participate.

Enter the former No Doubt singer. She'll swoop down into a fancy red chair in June when new episodes start filming.

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As a result of her reaction to recent medication, Miley Cyrus has been forced to postpone all U.S. dates on her Bangerz Tour until August.

The singer is still planning on kicking off the European leg of her tour on May 2, however.

Existing tickets will be honored on the new dates, which include previously cancelled and postponed dates,” reads a statement from the artist's rep, which notes

”Additionally, two tour dates have been added in Pittsburgh and Chicago.

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They say that fame is fleeting... but it can also be mysterious.

Especially in this day and age - when stars can be made purely out of Instagram photos and scandalous Tweets - it's necessary to sometimes stop and ask:

Wait... why is that person famous again?

This can be true for those you may despise (hi, Kim Kardashian!) and also for those you admire (what power does Kate Middleton hold, exactly?).

With this in mind, we've come up with 13 pretty big celebrities whose names keep being in the news despite a lack of any discernible skill. Apparently, all it takes to strike it big is to film a sex tape and/or be a terrible mother:

13 Stars Who Don't Deserve to Be Famous
The most obvious selection here. She is world famous because she had sex with Ray J on camera and knows how to use Instagram.
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Kim Kardashian

1. Kim Kardashian

The most obvious selection here. She is world famous because she had sex with Ray J on camera and knows how to use Instagram.

Kendra Wilkinson

2. Kendra Wilkinson

She mastered the art of sleeping with a really old dude and watching the money pour in for some reason.

Jenelle Evans

3. Jenelle Evans

We should all fight with our moms and have babies out of wedlock if it means this kind of attention.

Kate Upton

4. Kate Upton

We adore Kate Upton. We'd commit murder for Kate Upton. But she has large breasts and can do the cat dance... that's about it.

Valeria Lukyanova

5. Valeria Lukyanova

She's known as The Human Barbie, and her appearance makes it clear why. We really should not reward such a thing.

Kate Middleton

6. Kate Middleton

Like any other rational human being, we LOVE Kate Middleton. But she's a small piece of a royal family that holds no power.

Kate Gosselin

7. Kate Gosselin


Evelyn Lozada

8. Evelyn Lozada

She keeps being engaged to athletes and even having their babies. She's really gotta stop doing that.

Tila Tequila

9. Tila Tequila

For her own sake, Tila Tequila really needs to step out of the spotlight

Nadya Suleman

10. Nadya Suleman

We're sensing a theme here: why are bad mothers so darn famous?

Courtney Stodden

11. Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden has a lot of plastic surgery, married a much older guy and... that's it.

Teresa Giudice

12. Teresa Giudice

She's really good at being spoiled and breaking the law, we'll give her that.

Ray J

13. Ray J

This photo depicts the only reason you've ever heard of Ray J.

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Andrew Garfield is sticking up for Justin Bieber.

Despite the singer's run of erratic, boorish behavior (we still aren't over that Justin Bieber deposition just yet), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star blames the artist's circumstances a lot more than the artist himself.

  • Andrew Garfield Red Carpet Pic
  • Justin Bieber Studio Selfie

"If I had had these opportunities when I was younger, I would have been Justin Bieber,” Garfield tells Time Out London.

Meaning what, exactly?

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Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift has left no doubt that she's awesome.

The singer has visited multiple cancer patients and surprised a young woman at her bridal shower.

But while there's no debate over Swift's charitable side, a debate has broken out over the artist's body; namely: is she too skinny?

  • Cute Taylor Swift
  • Taylor Swift in NYC

A couple Twitter users have called attention to Taylor’s shrinking frame over the past few days, prompting Radar Online to (hilariously) consult with a random nutritionist.

Where does Melanie McGrice come down on Swift's frame?

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You can't help but laugh when reading through this collection of 19 Motherly Text Message Fails. Parents trying to be hip is simply hilarious.

But it's difficult to browse around the following gallery without feeling a twinge of sadness.

Somewhere out there, some guy wanted to have virtual sex with his girlfriend... only to be turned down for Pop Tarts or Oreo Cereal. Your heart just goes out to these people.

Except for the dude whose significant other replied to his attempt at sexting with the picture of a cheese grater. He should just run away screaming.

Prepare to scream in laughter yourself when you click through this list of epic sext message fails:

11 Epic Sext Message Fails
Sometimes you're in the mood for Pop Tarts instead of a pounding. Can you really blame a woman?
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Mmm... Pop Tarts.

1. Mmm... Pop Tarts.

Sometimes you're in the mood for Pop Tarts instead of a pounding. Can you really blame a woman?

Spacing Issues

2. Spacing Issues

A little space, and a little spelling, can go a long way when trying to be seductive.

Emotion Fail!

3. Emotion Fail!

When swallowing goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Satisfy Her Craving

4. Satisfy Her Craving

What's better than a Pop Tart? Oreo Cereal.

A Little Too Rough

5. A Little Too Rough

Some gals do like it rough. But most have their limits.

A Monster in Bed

6. A Monster in Bed

Some folks like Skinemax. Others? Pixar.

Being (Semi) Naughty

7. Being (Semi) Naughty

A bit of PG-13 sexy talk.

Patriotism vs. Patootie-ism

8. Patriotism vs. Patootie-ism

God bless America... and also this person for his sexting snafu.

The End of an Erection

9. The End of an Erection

Safe to say this is one way to put a fast end to an erection.

Heating Things Up

10. Heating Things Up

Come on. This kind of creativty would totally turn us on!

You Tell Her, Grandma!

11. You Tell Her, Grandma!

This will teach an autobot to try and sext up an old lady.

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Dexter Roberts hopes to one day return to television.

The artist was eliminated from American Idol last night, but in speaking to a pool of reporters shortly after the announcement was made, he expressed as aspiration aside from singing on stage.

Dexter Roberts Says Goodbye

"I told my mom if I get kicked off sometime, I'm going to get a tepee and go in the woods and just live in the woods for a few days, just get away from the city because I'm all about staying in the woods, outdoors and stuff," Dexter said, adding:

"But I'm going to keep a singing career and hopefully have a hunting show one day - turkeys and ducks and whitetails."

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