Farrah Abraham to Daughter: Get Your OWN Life!

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Farrah Abraham is basically over parenting. Like, even more than you would have assumed, judging by the example she's set over the past few months.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, the Teen Mom and Backdoor Teen Mom star says she has no qualms about staying busy promoting her "career."

"It's healthy that we have a break," Abraham tells the celebrity gossip magazine. "She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine."

Her daughter Sophia, for those who are unaware, is four. Four.

Learning to be independent is one thing, but Farrah Abraham is not talking about broadening Sophia's life stills. She's talking about "doing her own thing."

As in all the time.

We all know that Farrah Abraham's parenting is something that no one should emulate, but this may be the most amazing quote she's ever given.

It warranted a double-take just to make sure we heard it right, then prompted laughter with a bit of disgust. What parent says this about their toddler?

Playing alone once in a while is important for kids, as is not being a helicopter parent. But "she does her own thing" is basically code for "I don't give a f--k."

In her mind, she's justified her increasing neglect.

Farrah Abraham, Daughter Photo

The controversial star can talk all she wants about doing porn, trolling sugar daddy sites, and making money for showing up at strip clubs to earn a living.

That may not be the best example, but if she does it for what she feels are the right reasons, she can at least try to justify them to her child one day.

This just proves it's all about Farrah, though.

No parent of a four-year-old, particularly a single parent, gets to "do your thing" and your child "does theirs." We don't even know what else to say.

Except, poor Sophia.


Seriously many mothers lose their kids to foster care or many other reason why does the government still allows ferrah to keep her kid...their is many men and woman that can't have kids and would raise this beautiful Lil girl way better then her mother can...this is sad and someone needs to report this..oh wait its all live in TV why hasn't one kept this kid away from her mother for good..Jenelle mom took her son away and jenelles mom is keeping Jenelle away from her why cuz she ain't a good mom...why is ferrah still in custody of Sophia someone get that kid a better life.


Farrah has no clue what she's talking about. She's just spews words out of her plastic surgery ridden face. Her brain (if that's what u choose to call it) is a simple thing that has no filter and does very little computing on a moment to moment basis. She's a fame whore...and a regular whore. She shouldn't be aloud to reproduce anymore. One is enough for her. We don't need her spawn running around this planet. Sophia gets a pass. I guess.


Farrah, You are a pathetic excuse as a mother. Attempting to become famous by doing an anal sex video(which by the way, Sophia would probably take it more lightly if you had vaginal sex instead of anal). And on top of that, making a statement saying that you and your 4 YR OLD DAUGHTER have your "own time",apart from each other. All that is saying is that you do not care about anything but yourself. As long as you get to do "your thing", and your 4yr old "does her own thing.". One of the many problems of that, is that your 4 YEAR OLD GIRL completely and constantly depends on you for everything. Your responsibility as a mother requires you to attempt to provide food, shelter, cleanliness, and love for your daughter. She cannot "do her own thing" without help...especially if your out "doing your own thing". Your child depends on you 100%. And as a mother thats your responsibility. You are acting like ur daughter is a burden to you. As if you are wishing you would have never had your daughter.


You are the most terrible mother I have ever seen, or heard of, either in person, or in the media. How on Earth could you say you were going to leave your 4 yr. old daughter alone to " do her own thing", all the while, you were doing your own thing? It would be different if your little girl was an adult...But she isn't. She is FOUR YEARS OLD!!! Most mothers would never EVER leave their child to " do their own thing," so that they could go out and do " their own thing." That clearly expresses the fact that Farrah is a selfish mother who treasures personal/and alone time, more than time with her own daughter. Obviously, Farrah only cares about herself. She places her priorities above that of her daughter, which is very sad. Another thing that is dissapointing, is that Farrah is participating in strip clubs, explicit videos, and revealing photo shoots. Farrah says that when the time comes, she will let Sophia know how she managed to provide $ by participating in hardcore porn


I wish I could say that this is shocking or surprising, but is it really??
Farragut has always been an image obsessed, fame/money hungry whore who is way to self centred.
Why she kept that poor baby girl, we will never know.


She can just go away and come back for a Dr Phil special in 10 years. Pregnant Sophia telling her mother off, throwing porn in her face and blaming her for their drug addictions. Or Dr Phil can visit her jail cell for the interview and play a dead kid tribute reel for Sophia. It could go either way. Until then, yawn.


By the year 2025, Sophia is gonna be on 16 & Pregnant too ^_^


I wonder how cool she's going to be with her daughter having her own life when she says, "Hey, Mom, guess what? You're gonna be a grandma at 30!" OR when her granddaughter says, "Hey, Grandma, guess what? You're gonna be a GREAT-grandma at 45!"


Well Farrah is obviously still getting high cuz who tell their small child "to get her own life." I thought Farrah didn't want her parents around her daughter and now it's Convenient if they just Raise her. Farrah is the biggest LOSER I know


Ah, she offered custody and then after her mom turned Farrahs old room into Sophias room she took the kid Florida at the last minute. The place she lived is full of neighbors that cheered when she moved out. She sent Sophia back for a few weeks after she got sick of her, but nothing official. It was just cruel tbe way it went down. Over a childhood bedroom. Casey Anthony rbe sequel

@ SiriustheCat

Just what I was thinking. Something weird about her reminds me of Casey Anthony. I mean I would not be surprised if shit like that happened

@ SiriustheCat

There are several accounts by those Florida neighbors who all tell how Farrah dumped Sophia on them for days at a time even though they barely knew her. They tolerated it because they felt sorry for Sophia & were afraid who she might dump her on if they didn't keep her. They also felt like Sophia's development seemed delayed & observed Farrah being impatient & mean to her. You can find those articles, just google it. I'm very sure that if Mr. Abraham refused to keep Sophia while Farrah was on the road partying, there's no telling who she would leave her with. I really think that's why he doesn't give her an ultimatum about all the traveling & partying. If Farrah was forced to make a choice...get a regular job in the culinary field & stop all the strip club appearances or give Sophia up....I'm pretty dang sure I know what she would choose.

@ melmel

If I would have been one of those neighbors, I would have called CPS and fought tooth and nail to make that dump a permanent arrangement. Sophia does not need to be under Farrah's care any longer, and really, Farrah's parent's don't seem much better. The only chance that child has for a well-rounded life is being adopted.

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