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Miley Cyrus was hospitalized today due to an allergic reaction the singer had to antibiotics she' been taking.

According to a press release - written by Kansas City's Sprint Center, where Cyrus was scheduled to perform a Bangerz tour show  tonight - the artist has been “placed on medical rest by her doctors" and forced to postpone the event.

No makeup date has been announced.

Miley Cyrus in Hospital

"Kansas I promise I'm as heartbroken as you are. I wanted to badly 2 b there 2night," Miley herself Tweeted this afternoon. "Not being with yall makes me feel s---tier than I already do."

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Demi Lovato nude photo scandal? What Demi Lovato nude photo scandal?!?

With the Internet still buzzing over leaked, VERY racy photos of this singer in bed with Wilmer Valderrama, Lovato has responded to this controversy by totally ignoring it.

She Tweeted late last week about a return to brown hair and now she's put on an impressive performance of Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love."

The cover took place as part of the iHeartRadio Live series at the iHeartRadio Theater yesterday and you can view it here:

Pretty solid stuff, huh?

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Okay, so maybe it's girl-on-girl love of the platonic variety, but based on recent photos of the two, Miley Cyrus and Sky Ferreira are seriously crushin' on each other.

  • Miley Cyrus and Sky Ferreira
  • Miley Cyrus and Sky Ferreira Image

Miley hand-picked Sky to open for her current Bangerz tour and when Sky opened up about life with Miley in a recent interview with Buzzfeed, the world braced itself for tales of hard partying and raging egos.

As it turns out, though, Sky has nothing but kind  - and kinda boring - things to say about her twerk-happy headliner.

"We just clicked right away," Sky says about Miley. "Our personalities get along really well. Miley is a girly girl, but she also isn't. She likes putting on makeup, she likes sexy clothes and stuff, but she's pretty down. The term is so stupid, but she's down to earth."

Sky added that she and Miley both tend to get along better with members of the opposite sex: "I love girls and I wish I had more friends that were girls and I think that's kind of a thing with [Miley] too."

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Dina Lohan has even more in common with her troubled daughter Lindsay now, pleading guilty to DWI in a courtroom this morning on Long Island.

The momager mess entered pleas of guilty to both aggravated DWI and speeding, and sources say Lohan must do 100 hours of community service.

Dina Lohan Mugshot

She is expected to have her driver's license suspended as a result of the conviction and an interlock device will be installed in her vehicle ASAP.

If she's not clean, the car won't start. Probably for the best.

The Lohan matriarch must attend a mandatory drinking and driving program, a victim impact panel and also pay the necessary fines and fees.

As previously reported, Dina Lohan was arrested in September and a test showed she had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit in New York State.

She, Lindsay and Michael Lohan now have spots in THG's Celebrity Mug Shots Hall of Fame, which is an exclusive club if ever there were one.

Scroll through some of the most popular offenders below ...

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Kate Walsh has traded in her stethoscope for a feather boa.

In the following video, the former Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy star proves how badly she wants to increase her Twitter presence by doing a pole dance on Ellen.

See, the actress originally thanked her 500,000 followers by giving them a quick high kick online... but the talk show host didn't think that was nearly enough.

So, out came the stripper pole and up on stage went Walsh. Watch the least sexiest pole dance in Internet history now:

For the record, Walsh portrays an ex-stripper on FX's Fargo, providing a bit of subtext to this footage.

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As The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans likely know already, Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into a brawl at the show's reunion special taping.

Now, we have our first sneak preview clip of the melee that went down:

In the sneak peek from Bravo, tensions begin to simmer, then boil over.

Just prior to the Porsha Stewart-Kenya Moore fight, she berates her for bringing props - a megaphone and bejeweled scepter - to the taping.

The former Miss USA snaps back: “I will not have you talk over me!”

Williams then loses her temper and says, "you a slut from the ‘90s!”

“Shut up, you do not have the right to talk,” Moore says, as Williams jumps up and throws her co-star's props to the ground, preparing to strike.

“I’m going to f--k you up!” Porsha yells, getting all up in her face.

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Those who watch Mad Men online or on television rarely see Don Draper express the feeling of guilt. Or frustration. Or amazement.

This marketing genius is a pretty even-keeled fella, though we've obviously seen him be drunk and angry.

But in a guest spot Sesame Street this week, Hamm shows off his acting range opposite Murray, teaching this character all about a variety of emotions.

Watch now to see what we mean:

Hamm, meanwhile, faced the emotion of embarrassment recently when a very old clip of him on a dating show hit the Internet a couple weeks ago.

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We all know human beings are capable of some pretty amazing photobombs.

Recent cases in point: Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz at Coachella; Jimmy Fallon and Jonn Hamm on The Empire State Building for an amazing Tonight Show sketch.

But what about our furry friends?

Did you know that cats were were photobomb masters? And dogs? And hippos? And one seriously amazing squirrel?

The latter leads this galler of animal photobombing examples that all need to be seen to be believed. Pretty awesome stuff...

21 Amazing Animal Photobombs
What a ham! This squirrel jumps up and turns a basic vacation photo into a legendary snapshot.
View As List
Squirrel Photobomb

1. Squirrel Photobomb

What a ham! This squirrel jumps up and turns a basic vacation photo into a legendary snapshot.

Hippo Photobomb

2. Hippo Photobomb

This is the sort of risk one runs when one poses for a photograph inside an aquarium.

Pigeon Photobomb

3. Pigeon Photobomb

Lots of people have a photo of their significant other in front of this landmark. But how many folks have a picture like this??

Giraffe Photobomb

4. Giraffe Photobomb

Some photobombs are subtle. Others, not so much. Can you guess into which camp this photo falls?

Photobomb in the Wilderness

5. Photobomb in the Wilderness

Excuse me, children. But I'm pretty sure people would rather look at me than look at you.

Painful Photobomb

6. Painful Photobomb

Don't worry. It's okay to laugh. This woman was unharmed in this amazing photo.

Gorilla Photobomb

7. Gorilla Photobomb

Look up. See him now? This is our favorite gorilla photobomb of all-time.

Mini Photobomb

8. Mini Photobomb

All it takes to photobomb another dog is a pair of eyes sometimes. Case in point... this.

Pssst, Owner!

9. Pssst, Owner!

Hey, owner! Let me in! Let go of that dog! Sheesh!

Whale Photobomb

10. Whale Photobomb

Surprise! This whale decided (sort of) to photobomb this short of a bird.

Mean Cat Photobomb

11. Mean Cat Photobomb

It's hard to divert attention from this big-faced dog. But the cat in the background accomplishes that task.

Photobombing a Golden

12. Photobombing a Golden

Yes, this Golden Retriever is cute. But our attention is diverted elsewhere.

Angry Cat Photobomb

13. Angry Cat Photobomb

How dare you take a photo of this dog? LOOK AT ME INSTEAD!

Dog Photobombs Wedding

14. Dog Photobombs Wedding

Can you catch the dog photobomb in this wedding photo? Come on. Look closely.

Crazy Cat Photobomb

15. Crazy Cat Photobomb

This might be the most subtle and hilarious animal photobomb in the history of the World Wide Web.

Girls Photobombed by Horse

16. Girls Photobombed by Horse

Smile, girls! And, okay, why not... you smile, too, horse!

Seal Photobomb!

17. Seal Photobomb!

Hey there, cameraman! This seal takes some attention away from a group of penguins.

Horse Photobomb!

18. Horse Photobomb!

Yes, this is a cute little girl. But it's a little hard to focus on her at the moment.

Pug Photobomb!

19. Pug Photobomb!

This pug makes sure he's front and center for this adorable photo of himself and another dog.

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Kylie Jenner is pretty much too young to be drunk or in love, but that didn't stop the attention-starved 16-year-old from dancing to Beyonce's ode to intoxicated romance with some random "friend" and then posting the resulting video online.

Yeah, we're not quite sure what the story there is either, but hey - if you're old enough to post inappropriate bikini photos on the Internet, you're old enough to dance on Instagram. 

As for the dude, Kylie identifies him as her "bestie" and he goes by the handle @thescottycuhna.

Weird choice of a song to groove to with a platonic buddy and that dance looked a little more than "friendly" to us, but if this is the least age-inappropriate thing Kylie does all day, then it's a victory for the Jenner-Kardashian clan.

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Kathryn Dennis, the 21-year-old star of Southern Charm, gave birth to a healthy baby girl two weeks ago by her 50-year-old co-star Thomas Ravenel.

The reason we're talking about this? Not the age gap, but the fact that she was seen having a pregnancy scare on the show ... and it came up negative.

Reality TV at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!

Southern Charm Stars

In fact, the very day the pregnancy-scare episode aired on Bravo, Dennis gave birth, which will surely make for an interesting episode next season.

The hookup between Dennis and Ravenel was one of the big storylines on the reality show, yet pregnancy tests showed Kathryn was NOT pregnant.

Was this a lie engineered by the stars, or the producers?

Not exactly on either front. According to reports ...

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