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Britney Spears is the latest victim of a major web leak, and for once, we're not talking about The Fappening. Thank goodness, or sorry to disappoint.

Her latest album, Britney Jean, featured a variety of hot tracks featuring star producers and collaborators, but some songs did not make the final cut.

Two of which can be heard right here in their previously unreleased glory ...

The two untitled tracks, uploaded to SoundCloud by an anonymous user, were done by indie pop producer Devonte "Dev" Hynes, a.k.a. Blood Orange.

Hynes' voice can be heard on the tracks, which sound very ... un-Britney.

Maybe that's why they never made it to Britney Jean, but regardless, Dev Hynes caught wind of the fact that they leaked, and quickly pleaded ignorance.

"How do things even leak?? Oh well! Enjoy," he wrote.

We will, albeit probably not as much as the Britney Spears photos below, which could be the most glorious things on the entire Internet as we know it ...

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Drake Bell may have finally crossed a line in his (mostly one-sided) feud with Justin Bieber.

Granted, some folks may think Bell crossed a line when he referred to Bieber as a piece of sh-t.

And others would say Bell definitely crossed a line when he pushed to deport Bieber to Canada.

But now? Now Bell has gone after a fan of his rival, in a rather personal and despicable manner.

  • Bieber Selfie
  • Drake Bell on Stage

While commenting on the Instagram post of a Belieber (seriously, don't you have anything better to do, Drake Bell?), the former Nickelodeon star wrote to the fan:

"You (sic) idol doesn’t even do anything but cause trouble anymore. No music no movies he’s just being an idiot."

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Last night, on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 2, we were introduced to a whole new crop of cast members, and they did not disappoint.

Teairra Mari
Teairra Mari is a cast member on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She has been with Ray J off and on for years.

The premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was pretty nuts, but who knew we were barely scratching the surface of the crazy this cast is bringing?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 2 proved it and then some, leaving us shaking our heads and laughing aloud at this motley crew.

Nikki Mudarris and Masika Kalysha are both vying for the attention of producer Mally Mall, and it looks like this is one battle royale that's brewing.

Well connected in the music industry because of her family’s empire (strip clubs), Nikki has been dating Mall, but the two are currently on a break.

During said break, he has been dating video vixen Masika, who alleges that she’s been with Mally Mall for the past couple of months at LEAST.

Essentially, a lot longer than when his "break" with Nikki began. Moreover, she's been sharing the s--t out of photos of them, no doubt to mark her territory.

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Viewers learned a number of key details on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 1, the first of a two-episode opening night for the highest-rated sitcom on television.

To wit:

  • Sheldon never left a train station during his 45 days away. But he did learn all about the ketchup and mustard options wherever he stopped.
  • Sheldon really admires Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sheldon (sans pants) called Leonard to come pick him up in Arizona. This did not sit well with Amy, who came along for the ride and was greeted by her boyfriend with the question: Why did you come?

But we quickly learn that Sheldon called his best friend instead of his girlfriend because he didn't want to come across like a failure to Amy.

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Adam Lind, step off and enjoy jail, because Chelsea Houska and her new man are heating things up. The Teen Mom 2 star has moved on at last.

With Cole DeBoer, a local traffic control specialist!

Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer

Not only that, things must be getting pretty serious between the two, because she's already  introduced him to her five-year-old daughter, Aubree.

Cole met Aubree for a little bit,” an insider reports.

Things seem to be going smoothly for the couple, who began dating after they met at a local Sioux Falls, S.D. gas station, site of many a romance.

The 25-year-old college grad “is the sweetest guy that Chelsea’s ever met,” the source gushes of her new beau. “They have a good time together.”

With her cosmetology job, gorgeous home and hot new body, Chelsea Houska seems to be riding high these days instead of riding Adam Lind.

But Lind always still a pall over her life, somehow.

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Last night on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 8, fans of the freshman Bravo show saw the quirky, fun inaugural season come to a close at "The Lake House."

Will it also be the series' last? That remains to be seen, as Jaime & Co. have yet to be renewed for a second campaign by the network as of press time.

Either way, let's recap the significant events that played out Monday ...

If you watch Jersey Belle online, you don't need the recap to open the show, but you get one anyway, as all seven episodes are condensed to kill time.

Danielle finds out her body can’t stimulate eggs, which is sad for her.

She's willing to do what it takes to have a family, but it's quite an undertaking. A lot more so than Luci's love life, though that is complex in its own way.

Jaime offers to give Danielle an egg, because what are friends for?

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Monday night, on the unforgettable VH1 reality show installment also known as T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle Season 4 Episode 15, the Messiah himself sought advice from T.I.

Really, shouldn't we all be so lucky?

Messiah, of course, is Tip's son.

The issue at hand that even a Messiah could not resolve without the aid of rapper T.I. was that he double booked his social calendar. It was pretty brutal.

What should he do? Hang out with his grandmother or a group of friends that included a girl he is totally crushing on? It was a conundrum for eternity.

T.I., of course, came up with the brilliant solution that his offspring "ping pong" his way through the night, shuttling back and forth between the two.

Whoa ... why didn't we think of that?!

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Was Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1 too slow for you? Do you wish more had happened throughout the opening hour of this new CBS drama?

We kid, of course, as the action was pretty much non-stop on this opening episode.

Scorpion fits in very well with the network procedural brand, taking a team of genius hackers and placing them in situations where they need to save the world in a certain (very short) period of time.

In this case, that meant stopping 56 airplanes from crashing.

What sets Scorpion apart a bit from NCIS, Person of Interest and/or any of the 79 CSI franchises is that it’s based on Walter O’Brien, a real-life brilliant misfits who leads a team that serves as final line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age.

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In a surprising move, The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 1, shoved Ray Reddington to the side a little bit.

James Spader's beloved character was still central to the plot, of course, but two different women really stepped to the forefront on the opening fall installment.

We open with Red in the back of a Jeep that’s flying through Cameroon. He’s been seized there by a war lord named Yabbari (spelling?), who is displeased with Red crossing his turf.

But Red offers Yabbari $3 million in exchange for the names of the bounty hunters that Berlin has hired to tail him and, with the assistance of a few Hellfire missiles, our quasi hero learns of the moniker “Lord Baltimore,” a genius data tracker.

Red promptly burns the money he promised the war lord and his associates... and we're off on an adventure!

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The Voice Season 7 Episode 1 introduced us to two new celebrity coaches, along with the first crop of singers vying for a spot on NBC via the Blind Auditions.

As always, auditioning blind meant not only vying for a spot on the show if you're the singer, but competing for a singer if you're one of the coaches!

If multiple coaches turned around, it was up to the people auditioning to make their choice, leading to a lot of witty banter as well as some tense moments.

Here's a look at the would-be contenders and how they fared:

Luke Wade - That's How Strong My Love Is (The Voice Audition)
Luke Wade wows The Voice coaches with a stirring and talented rendition of "That's How Strong My Love Is."

Luke Wade, a soul singer who has traveled the world with his band for the past several years, wowed all of the judges with his version of “How Strong My Love Is.”

He ended up going with Pharrell over each of the other three.

Clara Hong, meanwhile, got Gwen to get up on stage with her and sing, which is almost as amazing as the fact that she ended up picking Adam after that!

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