Gavin Rossdale is under fire for denying his gay ex-lover, cross-dressing Marilyn (real name Peter Robinson), and unlike previous times, Marilyn's not taking it lying down. 

In an interview with Newsweek, Marilyn slammed his ex, Rossdale, for shutting down their gay relationship, and said that he's not sure he ever even loved him. 

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Lennon and McCartney. Jagger and Richards. Jay Z and Kanye.

Why is it that the best songwriting teams always start off with close friendships, and end with both parties firing hilariously bitchy potshots at one another?

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Brad Pitt is an international sex symbol, decades over and over again. And while we think he's still really got "it," in retrospect, we're kind of glad we never slept with him. We don't mean to kick a brother when he's down but, hey. Check out the 13 reasons why you, too, should be glad you never slept with Pitt anyway.
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