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Who says bears are so different from humans?

These animals may seem scary, but they get excited when they reach the green in golf, same as anyone else. They also like to Twerk.

And as a heat wave hits Southern California, with temperatures soaring into the triple digits, they look to cool off in the same way as their two-legged frenemies:

By taking a quick dip in the pool!

Watch this black bear chill out on the property of a home in Sierra Madre Sunday afternoon. Someone get that guy a drink with an umbrella in it!

Pool owners in the area should take note: It's not expected to get any cooler in The Golden State over the next few days.

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Recording artist August Alsina took the stage Sunday night at Irving Plaza in New York City, then collapsed on stage in the middle of his performance.

Alsina's body seemed to go limp and he fell off the stage and into the crowd, a scary moment captured in fan videos uploaded to Instagram and YouTube.

The online clips show security rushing to his aid and asking to cut the music.

Security brought Alsina backstage, where paramedics later loaded him into an ambulance. The star was alert enough to wave to fans from a stretcher.

Beyond that, it's unclear what happened to BET’s Best New Artist of 2014.

The reason behind the 22-year-old's sudden fall is unknown at this time, as his reps did not immediately issue any comments on his condition or the incident.

Earlier Sunday, the up-and-coming August had released the official music video for his "No Love (Remix)," featuring Nicki Minaj, off his Testimony album.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery, whatever happened ...

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Big Sean has released a song titled “I Don’t F–k With You” on Friday, and while he doesn't call out ex-fiancee Naya Rivera by name, the allusions are obvious.

The couple split earlier this year, having been engaged; Naya Rivera married Ryan Dorsey months later, using the wedding plans she made with Sean.

The rapper's take? He don't give a f--k, according to this song.

He refers to a “little stupid a$$ bitch” and declares that he’s pretty much over it. “I don’t give a f–k about you or anything that you do,” says the chorus.

It continues, “I heard you got a new man. I see you taking a pic. Then you post it up thinking that it’s making me sick. Bitch I got no feelings to go."

"I swear I had it up to here I’ve got no ceilings to go. I mean for real, f–k how you feel ... I ain't f--kin' with you, I got a million other things that I'd rather f--kin' do.”

Like Ariana Grande.

Big Sean is dating the 21-year-old songbird, a frequent collaborator, at the moment, and judging from his latest song lyrics, he’s pretty happy about it.

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Because they're trying to have a second baby, Kim Kardashian is lying down often for Kanye West these days.

But the reality star is standing up for her husband in a new Instagram post.

A couple days after the Internet laughed at Kanye for refusing to sing until ALL audience members in Australia stood up, including two he didn't realize were in a wheelchair, Kim has gone online with a message to fans and to journalists.

Serious Kimye

"What an amazing Australian tour! Its frustrating that something so awesome could be clouded by lies in the media," she wrote. 

"Kanye never asked anyone in a wheel chair to stand up & the audience videos show that. He asked for everyone to stand up & dance UNLESS they were in a wheel chair."

Kardashian ended her mini diatribe with the hashtags "#JustWantedEveryoneToHaveAFunNight" and "#TheMediaTwistsThings."

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Last night, on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 7, Jamie's adoption struggle was back at the forefront as the baby mama to be considered an abortion.

It's also Thanksgiving, and Jaime's family is preparing to visit from up north and produce the best Jersey Thanksgiving that Alabama has ever seen.

They wrote likes like that before they filmed the show, it feels like.

Luci, who will join the family on Thanksgiving, talks to Jaime about her ex, Jeff, who seems to be in love with her, but Jaime is not buying that theory.

Jaime thinks that perhaps her brother-in-law is a better fit.

If you watch Jersey Belle online, you know that Jaime and Michael continue to discuss expanding their family, and this episode was no different.

Her difficult pregnancies are enough to give anyone pause, and their doctor tells her there are risks involved in everything, both in pregnancy and adoption.

Soon enough, it's time for the Primak Attack.

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CoverGirl has created a picture that says 1,000 words.

And none of them are positive when it comes to the NFL.

As the official beauty partner of the league, CoverGirl opened the 2014 season by releasing a number of posters that encouraged female fans to get their “game face on,” with the help of CoverGirl cosmetics, of course.

But then a Ray Rice video surfaced in which this Baltimore Ravens running back knocked out his fiancee... questions arose over why Commissioner Roger Goodell needed TMZ to find the footage for him... and folks have now used Photoshop to alter the look of the CoverGirl model in the Ravens-inspired ad.

Can you spot the change?

CoverGirl NFL Poster

With Rice now suspended indefinitely - and with many wondering what Goodell knew and when he knew it, while also being angry that other players accused of domestic violence are on the field - the image has gone viral.

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On the premiere of VH1's newest reality show spinoff, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 1 gave us a new look at the rap scene with a West Coast flavor.

Starring Ray J.

Yes, the venerable Kim Kardashian sex tape filmmaker is one of the key players in the new drama, but it's one of Ray's other conquests who steals this show.

On Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 1, we're introduced to Teairra Mari and Hazel E, roommates trying to break into the music world.

Teairra has been in a relationship with Ray J on and off for nine years now, and it's one of those relationships people think should just end. Yesterday.

Easy arguments get out of hand and turn ugly with this particular duo, and they break up and make up so often it gets hard to keep track of their status.

They're basically the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez of VH1, although Jelena's antics seem tame when you watch Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood online.

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The romance between Khloe Kardashian and French Montana is all over.

But the feud between Trina and Khloe Kardashian may just be getting started.

The female rapper has released a new single ominously titled "F-ck Love" in which she takes aim at her ex-boyfriend and the woman he basically left her for.

If you'll recall... Trina was living with Montana, although the relationship was strained, when he started to date Khloe. And, although neither of her enemies are mentioned by name, it's not hard to figure out who Trina is referring to as a "bitch" in this track.

Give it a listen now:

Khloe, meanwhile, broke up with Montana a couple weeks ago because things were getting too serious too quickly and he had grown to attached to her.

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Iggy Azalea's former boyfriend and manager Hefe Wine believes that he has 100 percent legal authority to sell their alleged sex tape, if he so desires.

It's all on the dotted line that she herself signed ... or so he claims.

According to Hefe Wine, Azalea signed a lengthy agreement with him in 2009 (which means she was not underage) that is his legal trump card.

That statement, posted by TMZ, supposedly gives him the rights to "manufacture, sell, distribute and advertise 'any' recording embodying visual images."

No, there is no specific deal involving an Iggy Azalea sex tape.

She signed the contract to make records and music videos, but Wine thinks that all he has to do is put a soundtrack to the tape of him putting it to I-G-G-Y.

This, he claims, would then give him exclusive rights to sell it, leaving the rising Australian rapper zero legal ability to shoot down a sex tape whatsoever.

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On the Season 19 premiere of Dancing With the Stars, this fall's collection of celebrities made their debuts with their pro partners on the famed ABC parquet.

Who shone brightest and who flopped?

Cast of Dancing With the Stars

"The ballroom is bursting with enthusiasm," longtime host Tom Bergeron exclaimed, and he wasn't talking about new judge Julianne Hough's bust line.

Wait, he was, actually. Never mind.

That like could also have been used to describe some of Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 1's best highlights, however. And there were many.

There were also stumbles aplenty.

Many of the stars did not put their best foot forward, at least not at the onset, but we blame the treacherous Cha-Cha for the relative lack of greatness.

Here were the scores from Monday:

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