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In a surprising move, The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 1, shoved Ray Reddington to the side a little bit.

James Spader's beloved character was still central to the plot, of course, but two different women really stepped to the forefront on the opening fall installment.

We open with Red in the back of a Jeep that’s flying through Cameroon. He’s been seized there by a war lord named Yabbari (spelling?), who is displeased with Red crossing his turf.

But Red offers Yabbari $3 million in exchange for the names of the bounty hunters that Berlin has hired to tail him and, with the assistance of a few Hellfire missiles, our quasi hero learns of the moniker “Lord Baltimore,” a genius data tracker.

Red promptly burns the money he promised the war lord and his associates... and we're off on an adventure!

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The Voice Season 7 Episode 1 introduced us to two new celebrity coaches, along with the first crop of singers vying for a spot on NBC via the Blind Auditions.

The Voice Season 7 Coaches

As always, auditioning blind meant not only competing for a spot on the show if you're a singer, but competing for a singer if you're one of the coaches!

If multiple coaches turned around, it was up to the people auditioning to make their choice, leading to a lot of witty banter as well as some tense moments.

Here's a look at the would-be contenders and how they fared:

Luke Wade, a soul singer who has traveled the world with his band for the past several years, wowed all of the judges with his version of “How Strong My Love Is.”

He ended up going with Pharrell over each of the other three.

Clara Hong, meanwhile, got Gwen to get up on stage with her and sing, which is almost as amazing as the fact that she ended up picking Adam after that!

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So... where were we?

The last time we saw Ichabod and Abby, the former was in a casket and the latter was in Purgatory. Talk about tough situations!

We picked up on Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 1 with our favorite twosome telling viewers that it's been a full year since we last saw them and that they've both lost someone they loved in those past 12 months.

Wait, what the heck?!? Did Katrina and Jenny really truly their makers? Did they pass actually through Purgatory and allow Abbie to leave?

And, moreover, how on Earth were Ichabod and Abbie free? And why don't we know about it?!? So many questions. So few answers at the outset of the premiere.

Of course, if there's one thing to remember, it's this: nothing on Sleepy Hollow is as it seems. Ever.

Turns out, Henry had tricked our Witnesses into believing a long lie.

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The 12 remaining quasi-celebrities tried to build on last week's mostly lackluster debuts Monday night on Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 3.

How did they do?

Lea Thompson - Dancing With the Stars Week 2 Performance
Lea Thompson shines and takes the top spot on the leaderboard with this inspired Dancing With the Stars Week 2 performance!

The celebrities got to pick their tunes on Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 3, so the numbers were as varied as the cast of stars themselves.

In the end, Lea Thompson came out on top with her leopard dress and a jive that invoked the "incandescent appeal of Ann-Margret in her prime." 

So Bruno Tonioli said, anyway. Right behind her was Janel Parrish, whose pretty foxtrot put her in solo second out of the bunch, and that's no little lie.

Check out all the routines above to see who really shined this week, and as for who might be in jeopardy tonight? Follow the jump for the scores ...

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Forgive us, but we have to say it:

Welcome to Gotham, bitches!

Sorry. But with Ben McKenzie of The OC prominently involved in this new Fox series, it simply had to be said.

McKenzie, of course, is involved as Commissioner Detective James Gordon, as the drama is taking quite the risk by airing a Batman series... without the presence of Batman.

Yes, on Gotham Season 1 Episode 1, we were introduced to a 12-year old Bruce Wayne, once again witnessing the murder of his famous parents.

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As you've likely heard by now - the hackers are back.

When nude Jennifer Lawrence photos were leaked online earlier this month, they signaled the start of a widespread digital theft campaign targeted at female celebrities.

The hackers were never caught, but the photos were deleted from the sites where they'd been posted, and the people responsible were rumored to be on the run.

Now, however, it looks as though the first round of "leaks" may have been just the beginning, as nude photos of Kim Kardashian and several other women were uploaded to 4Chan and Reddit over the weekend.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay may have successfully devalued her private pics by posing nude for Playboy, but we're sure there a lot of guys out there who still want to see what she looks like un-Photoshopped. The answer is freckly. She looks freckly.

While most people wondered how this could happen again, some of us asked a less pressing but equally puzzling question:

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Well, it's over. After years of Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce rumors, the troubled couple has officially called it quits.

TMZ reports that Kris Jenner filed for divorce from her husband of 23 years today. Bruce has yet to respond. Remarkably, the proceedings are said to be taking place without lawyers, which suggests that it's an amicable split.

Kris and Bruce Pic

While it may not have been any one thing that led Kris to finally, legally bring her marriage to an end, it's long been rumored that Bruce Jenner is seeking a sex change, which prompted Kris to seek a separation in 2013.

The sex change rumors have never been confirmed by either party, and friends of Bruce's have denied that he has any interest in becoming a woman, but Jenner's changing appearance in recent months has led to increased speculation.

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Klaus! Elijah! Rebekah! OH MY! The Originals Season 2 is coming! (Finally!!) 

While we wait eagerly for the series to return, we thought we'd take a tour through IMDB to see what The Originals cast resumes looked like before they were stars on the CW's hit.

The Originals Cast
The Originals Season 2 returns to The CW on October 5! Take a look at our favorite Mikaelson siblings and their fellow castmates before they were stars!

Who made the biggest "splash" before finding their way to the bayou? 

None other than BFFs Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin! The two starred on an Australian series called H2O: Just Add Water, a series which featured three girls who were magically transformed into mermaids.

Yes. You read that right. Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin were mermaids.

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Since giving birth this summer, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been declaring proudly (and frequently, social media maven that she is) that she's breastfeeding.

Opening up about the challenges of nursing, and parenting overall, the reality star has shared her thoughts, pictures, and opinions. It's been great stuff, mostly.

At least until we learned that Jenelle Evans is still smoking cigarettes ...

  • Nathan Griffith, Cigarettes
  • Jenelle Off-Center

Last week, this became public knowledge after shared a seemingly innocent picture of baby daddy Nathan Griffith passed out with a headset on.

A sweet and funny moment, until we looked at the bottom of the chair.

Evans' Twitter followers, eagle-eyed and forever detail-oriented, called her out, which prompted Jenelle to address the criticism she obviously incurred:

"Nobody smokes in my house. We step out on the front or back porch."

Yes, as in herself and/or Nathan Griffith, the mom of two confirmed.

"I'm outside right now smoking a cig lol," she Tweeted at a follower.

Don't quite know who's LOLing at that one, Jenelle. Do tell.

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard did not have premarital sex, despite what some were led to believe given the tight timeline of their marriage and #BabyDilly's conception.

They did, however, share many memorable moments prior to tying the knot, and over the weekend, the cute couple returned to the scene of a special one.

  • Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Date
  • Dillard, Jill and Derick

The pregnant 19 Kids and Counting couple went to the very same restaurant where, not even six months ago, they celebrated the news of their engagement!

Naturally, there were selfies, and Instagram hashtags to go around.

The always-gushing-mother-to-be, 23, shared for her fans a picture of herself and hubby Derick, 25, dining at Table Mesa, a Latin restaurant in Bentonville, Ark.

"Hadn't been there since the day we got engaged," she wrote.

"Yummy food! #tablemesa #dinnerdate #derickdillard"

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