We knew it was going to be an interesting week in the Big Brother house when James made a bold move and nominated Frank and Bridgette for eviction. 

It wouldn't be Frank if he rolled over and admitted defeat, so he got work on ways to get either him or Bridgette off the block and Da'vonne put up. 

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Here is something you don't read about everyday:

A patron at a Japanese steakhouse in Tennessee is very mad right now because she and her husband claim she was the victim of a “sexual-style assault” during a recent meal there.

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For 14 seasons in the NBA, Lamar Odom held his own with some of the top talents to ever play the game.

Now, at just 36, his addictions to drugs and alcohol have reportedly left him sick as an old man, and his friends and family are said to be deeply concerned that Odom is not long for this world.

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