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Tension will continue to mount between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons Season 1 Episode 5.

The upcoming installment of this ridiculous E! program will find this couple dealing with the fallout of Disick's decision to leave rehab last week, despite an admitted drinking problem.

"It became like a 24-hour job to stay trying to get drunk, and stay trying to take pills and not think about life," Disick tells his baby mama in the following clip.

When Kourtney replies that the two have a “long road” ahead of them in order to figure everything out and that maybe they just need some “space,” Disick fires back:

"We haven't slept together in five years. What's the difference?"

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According to a recent tabloid cover, Kris Jenner has "DESTROYED" her family.

While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, there have been lots of reports about the Jenner-Kardashian clan growing apart lately. 

In fact, there are rumors circulating that reality TV's most notorious momager may be spending the upcoming holidays all by her lonesome: 

Kris Jenner Red Carpet Shot

"Kris is extremely upset because no one wants to spend the holiday with her," a source close to the family tells Radar Online. "She wants everyone to be together for Thanksgiving, and that is just not happening."

Given the size of her ever-expanding clan, you might think Kris would be able to convince someone in her family to stop by for a little binge-and-purge, but KJ did a lot of bridge-burning in 2014:

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Yesterday, we learned that Michael Lohan and Kate Major got married after several years together, and a half dozen or so domestic violence arrests.

Usually, a wedding is a cause for celebration, but this is the Lohan family we're talking about, so naturally Michael and Kate's union has resulted in lies, public intoxication, and of course, some solid entertainment for the rest of us.

TMZ caught up Lindsay's mom Dina Lohan recently, and asked what she thought about Michael's wedding. Her response is interesting, but what's even more interesting is the fact that Dina is sloshed out of her mind!

Given Dina's history of DWIs, we suppose it's good that she's flying and not driving. But even so, the fact that she's this tanked in an airport can't be a good sign.

It's pretty hard to understand what the hell she's trying to say, so allow us to interpret:

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As her younger sisters continue to get married and leave the nest, many 19 Kids and Counting fans have wondered what will become of Jana Duggar. 

There have been reports that Jana is not allowed to date, that she's worked like a slave in the Duggar household, and that her parents refuse to assist her in finding a husband, as they did with Jill and Jessa.

Viewers have encouraged Jana to break free and build of her own life far away from her controlling family.

Now, however, it looks as though Jana may have won the V-card-holding Christian lottery, and her prayers may have been answered in the most literal way:

  • A Jana Duggar Photograph
  • Tim Tebow in Sweater

Remember Tim Tebow? He, of the celebrated shovel pass and pious end zone celebration?

Well, despite a slew of dating rumors, Tebow remains the Christian fundamentalist world's most eligible bachelor. (He's even been dumped by every NFL team!)

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It's an inarguable fact: Puppies are adorable.

But put puppies in costumes and simply forget about it. Game over. Cuteness personified. We can barely even type when thinking about this dog dressed as a bar (while walking on a treadmill!) or these 23 dressed up pets.

So you can only imagine our reaction to YouTube channel Oh My Disney, which set up a number of canines as iconic Disney characters and had them recreate a number of iconic Disney movie scenes.

To the best of their precious ability, that is...

Elsa and Olaf
We don't know how long it took to create this scene between doggy Elsa and Olaf. But it was worth every second!

From Frozen… to Aladdin… to Winnie the Pooh… to The Little Mermaid, all of your favorites are covered here.

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A couple weeks ago, Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger were caught kissing on camera on the sidelines of a college football game.

But if that was the couple's way of going public, we have to now wonder: What does it mean to be caught licking each other inside a photo booth?!?

The singer and the actor’s son attended the birthday party of tattoo artist Dakota Gomez last night.  It was held at The Hudson bar in West Hollywood and Gomez posted a snapshot on Instagram of various photo booth participants from the evening.

Look closely and you'll see Miley and Patrick playfully groping each other while squeezing into the tight space with their pals:

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus Photos

"To all of you that surprised me last night and came out to celebrate my birthday thankyou," Gomez wrote as a caption. "Great friends, good food and even better drinks (thankyou @jessebrooke @kevmarciano ) made it a night I will never forget!"

Cyrus and Schwarzenegger are clearly going very strong.

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Earlier this week, Bette Midler called Ariana Grande a "whore." No really, that happened.

The 68-year-old music legend offered some career advice to the 21-year-old pop princess by basically telling her to put some clothes on and stop humping furniture in her music videos.

  • Ariana Grande Blows (Kisses)
  • Bette Midler at the Oscars

Not surprisingly, Ari was less than thrilled with Bette's unsolicited pro tips. In fact, sources claimed Ariana is a huge fan of Bette's, and that she was shocked by the insults, as she always saw herself as following in Midler's footsteps. 

Ari is known for her hot temper, and were fans braced for a full-blown War of the Divas. Sadly, when Grande finally responded to Bette's comments on Twitter last night, she took the high road in admirable fashion:

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Kim Zolciak is making like Kim Kardashian. Sort of.

A few weeks after Kardashian posted a photo of herself waist training (via a ridiculous corset-type contraption, Zolciak also published a couple new pictures on Instagram.

They also feature the reality star showing off her trim figure and we're pretty sure Zolciak also got paid to do so. But not by any waist-training cincher thingy company.

  • Kim Zolciak, Thin Waist
  • Kim Zolciak Shakes It

"Running out the door but heyyyyy thanks @310nutrition #aintnowaistcincherhere #nofilter,” Zolciak captioned one of the pictures, going on in depth about shakes from 310 Nutrition in her next caption:

"I love it @310nutrition does it again.. 310 cleanse is magic! It's the fastest way to drop a couple pounds I've ever seen. Its not fat you drop, it's the junk in our gut! And believe me we all have junk in our gut.

"I feel so much better, I stocked up for after thanksgiving dinner! @briellebiermann was laughing at me and snapped this pic I had to post #310nutrition."

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Breaking his silence for the first time since he tragically shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson is telling his side of the story.

He tells ABC News that the circumstances of that fateful day left him no choice.

Wilson, who will not be indicted by a Ferguson grand jury, said Brown was the instigator in the confrontation, charging at him and disregarding his instructions.

The August 9 shooting sparked massive protests, and riots began again this week in the St. Louis suburb after Wilson was legally cleared of wrongdoing.

How does he remember the day he will no doubt relive for the rest of his life?

Wilson tells ABC News he was driving to get lunch when he saw Brown and a friend walking in the middle of the street, “single-file on the double-yellow line.”

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For the first time since becoming a first-time mother, Eva Mendes is speaking out in depth about the experience.

The actress, who gave birth to a daughter named Esmeralda in mid-September, recently sat down with online publication The Violet Files and didn't bring up the topic of her famous baby daddy, Ryan Gosling.

But Mendes did speak on the overall struggles of caring for a tiny person's life at all times. 

Eva Mendes for The Violet Files

"I'm completely exhausted," the star said, joking: "I thought my wild nights were over but these are some of the wildest nights I've ever had."

Mendes said she is yet to hire a nanny because she believes “part of being a mother” is going through the “struggle of not being able to sleep and not knowing what I’m doing and really going through it with her and battling out those nights."

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