The soap opera universe has lost a legend.

David Canary, who won five Daytime Emmy Awards for portraying twins Adam and Stuart Chandler on All My Children, died on November 16 of natural causes, it was confirmed today.

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Tila Tequila might be insane. We don't mean she's a little quirky, or a bit eccentric. We mean she's the type of mom to put a Hitler mustache on her baby, post the pic on Instagram, and then wonder why everyone's so upset.

She could be mentally ill, or she may just be the ultimate troll, but either way, Tila's latest Twitter rant might be one of the great social media meltdowns of all time:

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Very sad news today out of the world of entertainment:

By the time you read this, Instagram may have removed photos of The Game's penis from the rapper's scantily-clad account.

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As you've probably heard by now, Charlie Sheen confirmed that he's HIV positive last week during an interview with Matt Lauer. Since then, the bad boy actor's sex life has come under a tremendous amount of scrutiny, and with good reason.

It seems Sheen wasn't always forthcoming about his condition, and he had so many partners over the years that many in Hollywood have learned that they're just a few degrees of separation from the tiger-blooded warlock.

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