Long before the days of Grammys, tabloids, business ventures and elevator fights, Beyonce and Solange Knowles were just regular little girls celebrating Christmas.

In matching dresses, at least in this one family holiday photo ...

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The general public may have no plans to forgive June Shannon for sleeping with a man convicted of molesting her daughter, but it looks as though Mama June is already well on her way to getting back into her family's good graces.

June might never earn her daughters' trust again, but she's doing her best to quash their very public feud the best way she knows how - by forking over some cold, hard cash!

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Selena Gomez may or may not be buck naked in her latest selfie, and may or may not be trying to taunt Justin Bieber, but boy is she looking for male attention.

Why else do you toss up a photo like this on Instagram?

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There's nothing all that exciting about topless Lady Gaga photos. The Mother Monster has been appearing in public in various stages of undress for about as long as she's been famous.

In fact, thanks to those giant sunglasses she used to rock, we're pretty sure we saw her boobs before we ever saw her face in its entirety.

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