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Facebook is an ideal destinations for fails and faux pas.

Consider all the ways parents humiliate their kids on this social media network; and/or these 11 annoying couples who really need to get an offline life.

But all 33 of the following Facebook miscues take the hilariously awkward cake.

From not knowing the date on which July 4 falls... to mistaking Facebook for Google... to being totally owned by a former teacher... the following individuals will go down in Internet history infamy.

Sit back, click around now and prepare for a few tear-inducing laughs at the expense of some ignorant Facebook users:

33 Most Epic Facebook Fails of All Time
Who chose that bird to put over an American flag pic, honestly? And why?
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Weird-Looking Parrot!

1. Weird-Looking Parrot!

Who chose that bird to put over an American flag pic, honestly? And why?

WTH, Time?!?

2. WTH, Time?!?

The time went... backwards? What the heck happened here?!?

No Reception

3. No Reception

It may be 2014, but that doesn't mean everyone owns a cell phone.

A Shocking Fact

4. A Shocking Fact

THIS JUST IN: Africa is not a country. Story developming...

Vegetarian Fail

5. Vegetarian Fail

You're a vegetarian who eats turkey burgers? That seems hard to pull off.

Comma vs. Coma

6. Comma vs. Coma

All it takes is one letter to give a word a very different meaning from another word.

Exchaning Vowels

7. Exchaning Vowels

Do you, anonymous woman, promise to give this anonymous man an E in exchange for his U?

Empire (Building) State of Mind

8. Empire (Building) State of Mind

This is the Statue of Liberty.

A Sinking Feeling

9. A Sinking Feeling

Yes, this person believed James Cameron's Titanic was a real-life documentary.

RIP, Michael Jordan

10. RIP, Michael Jordan

He had quite the run, but Michael Jordan has apparently passed away.


11. Non-Penguins

1. You misspelled "penguins." 2. These are not penguins.


12. Trippy!

Whoa, bros. Where is the W in this tennis racket shadow?

Coolest. Teacher. Ever.

13. Coolest. Teacher. Ever.

Mrs. Johanson 2, Larry 0.

Capri Sun FTW!

14. Capri Sun FTW!

Capri Sun and Mrs. Johanson should totally date.

Dead Dawg

15. Dead Dawg

Yeah. This is a bit awkward.

Aunt or Uncle?

16. Aunt or Uncle?

It's always exciting to learn whether one is gonna be an aunt or an uncle.

Halloween on October 13?

17. Halloween on October 13?

PHEW! Can you imagine what will happen the year Halloween falls on October 13?

Who is Feat?!?

18. Who is Feat?!?

Forget Kanye. Who is this impressive rapper named "Feat.?"

Google vs. Facebook

19. Google vs. Facebook

If at first parents don't learn... just humor them.

A Lack of Manors

20. A Lack of Manors

Where have all the good manors gone? Blame the economy.

Confused About Hitler

21. Confused About Hitler

Let's give Holly a break: people have said MUCH worse things about Hitler.

BJ Confusion

22. BJ Confusion

One type of blow job may be considered a sin. The other is just a type of beauty enhancement.

What a Dumb Elevator!

23. What a Dumb Elevator!

Seriously, what is this elevator thinking?!?

A Billion Here, A Billion There...

24. A Billion Here, A Billion There...

Give this person a break! Is there really a big difference between 7 and 20 billion?

Credit Card Rejection

25. Credit Card Rejection

Maybe this person just has the wrong kind of computer.

Was the Titanic Real?

26. Was the Titanic Real?

Who knew there was so much confusion on the Internet about the Titanic?

A Parent's Revenge

27. A Parent's Revenge

Let's just say we're glad we aren't a member of this family.

Burned by the Sun

28. Burned by the Sun

Just keep digging that hole, Facebook user...

Hashtag Confusion

29. Hashtag Confusion

Because all phones created nowadays have the Hashtag sign on them.

Marveling at Nature

30. Marveling at Nature

If you ever doubt the existence of God, just look at... Mount Rushmore?

July 3 or 4?

31. July 3 or 4?

Come on. July 4 only falls on the 3rd when Halloween falls on October 13.

Happy Birthday, Earth!

32. Happy Birthday, Earth!

Seriously, buddy, you've come a long way. Well done!

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There once was a time when future heart throbs were a little dorky, would-be supermodels a tad awkward, and even the Kardashians were just regular kids.

Heck, even Justin Bieber was a kid once ... instead of a punk a-- kid.

Ever wonder what your favorite stars (and Kim Kardashian for that matter) looked like long before they became the people that dominated your Facebook feed?

Wonder no longer, THGers. We've got you covered and then some!

Some aged better than others, and some certainly looked more like their adult selves from a very early stage, but all were pretty darn adorable.

Scroll through 47 cute pics of celebrities from their childhood ...

47 Celebrities When They Were Cute Kids
We can totally see Jonah Hill as a kid looking like Jonah Hill actually looked as a kid.
View As List
Jonah Hill as a Kid

1. Jonah Hill as a Kid

We can totally see Jonah Hill as a kid looking like Jonah Hill actually looked as a kid.

Kendall Jenner as a Kid

2. Kendall Jenner as a Kid

That is one very adorable photo of Kendall Jenner as a kid.

Kylie Jenner as a Kid

3. Kylie Jenner as a Kid

That is one very cute photo of Kylie Jenner as a young girl.

January Jones as a Kid

4. January Jones as a Kid

January Jones as a kid. She sure looked different back in the day!

Megan Fox as a Kid

5. Megan Fox as a Kid

That young girl on the left is the future Megan Fox! Crazy!

Young Cee Lo Green

6. Young Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green back in the day. Pretty great before and after.

Justin Bieber as a Kid

7. Justin Bieber as a Kid

Justin Bieber as a kid, before he became Justin Bieber the punk kid.

Snooki as a Kid

8. Snooki as a Kid

That is Nicole Polizzi on the left. That is Snooki on the right. They are the same person.

Channing Tatum as a Kid

9. Channing Tatum as a Kid

Channing Tatum as a kid. That is just a hilarious pic if ever there were one.

Ivanka Trump as a Kid

10. Ivanka Trump as a Kid

Ivanka Trump as a kid. The Donald's daughter is a bona fide beauty.

Young Tiffani Thiessen

11. Young Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen in her younger years. She still looks amazing!

Young Michelle Obama

12. Young Michelle Obama

A young Michelle Obama many years before she was FLOTUS.

Chrissy Teigen as a Kid

13. Chrissy Teigen as a Kid

Chrissy Teigen as a kid ... aged pretty well at the end of the day.

Mandy Moore as a Kid

14. Mandy Moore as a Kid

Mandy Moore as a kid. Great bangs and clothes back in the 1990s.

Amber Rose as a Kid

15. Amber Rose as a Kid

Amber Rose as a kid. Now that's a great photo comparison right there.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as a Kid

16. Sarah Michelle Gellar as a Kid

Sarah Michelle Gellar as a kid ... that's a great photo comparison.

Katie Holmes as a Kid

17. Katie Holmes as a Kid

Katie Holmes as a kid, growing up in Ohio and dreaming of one day marrying Tom Cruise.

Padma Lakshmi as a Kid

18. Padma Lakshmi as a Kid

Padma Lakshmi looked like this when she was just a little girl.

Giada De Laurentiis as a Kid

19. Giada De Laurentiis as a Kid

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis as a kid. Would you have even recognized her.

Bar Refaeli as a Kid

20. Bar Refaeli as a Kid

Bar Refaeli as a Kid. What a cutie she was ... and still is!

Amanda Seyfried as a Kid

21. Amanda Seyfried as a Kid

Look at young Amanda Seyfried. A performer even back in the day.

Miranda Kerr as a Kid

22. Miranda Kerr as a Kid

You can totally see Miranda Kerr in this picture of ... young Miranda Kerr.

Hilary Duff as a Kid

23. Hilary Duff as a Kid

Young Hilary Duff seemed destined for stardom from a very, very young age.

Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan as Kids

24. Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan as Kids

Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan as kids. One of the two became a total ... never mind.

Gisele Bundchen as a Kid

25. Gisele Bundchen as a Kid

Young Gisele Bundchen before she became the most famous and highest paid model ever.

Khloe Kardashian as a Kid

26. Khloe Kardashian as a Kid

Khloe Kardashian as a kid, not too many years after O.J. knocked up Kris Jenner.

Paris Hilton as a Kid

27. Paris Hilton as a Kid

Paris Hilton was a cute kid once. Here's photo evidence.

Diddy as a Kid

28. Diddy as a Kid

Diddy was a cute kid once. He went by Puffy back in the day ... well maybe not that far back in the day.

Faith Hill as a Kid

29. Faith Hill as a Kid

Faith Hill as a kid, ready to hit it out of the park in sports as well as music.

The Game as a Kid

30. The Game as a Kid

The Game as a kid, when the only game he ruled was Chutes & Ladders (or something).

McKayla Maroney as a Kid

31. McKayla Maroney as a Kid

McKayla Maroney seemed a little impressed as a kid, to the surprise of our staff.

Maria Menounos as a Kid

32. Maria Menounos as a Kid

Maria Menounos as a kid growing up in the Boston area. EXTRA cute!

Katherine Heigl as a Kid

33. Katherine Heigl as a Kid

Katherine Heigl as a kid, back when she probably had friends.

Emmy Rossum as a Kid

34. Emmy Rossum as a Kid

Emmy Rossum as a kid. And an adorable one at that by any measure.

Avril Lavigne as a Kid

35. Avril Lavigne as a Kid

Avril Lavigne as a kid ... looking cute with what looks like a birthday cake.

Aaron Paul as a Kid

36. Aaron Paul as a Kid

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul before his big, not bad break ... if you know what we mean (we mean success in acting).

Rob Kardashian as a Kid

37. Rob Kardashian as a Kid

Robert Kardashian Jr. as a child. Before he and his sisters became celebrities (and large and in charge in his case).

Hugh Hefner as a Kid

38. Hugh Hefner as a Kid

Hugh Hefner as a kid in the early 19th Century. Just kidding ... but dude is not young (or poor, or devoid of hot chicks).

Derek Hough as a Kid

39. Derek Hough as a Kid

Derek Hough was a cute kid once! Who knew? (We did, obviously)

Beyonce as a Kid

40. Beyonce as a Kid

Yes, that's little Beyonce. And that little Beyonce is cute as a button!

Heidi Montag as a Kid

41. Heidi Montag as a Kid

Look at Heidi Montag. And look what Heidi Montag used to look like.

Britney Spears as a Kid

42. Britney Spears as a Kid

Britney Spears as a cute kid, before the fame that turned her into ... Britney Spears.

Katy Perry as a Kid

43. Katy Perry as a Kid

Katy Perry back when she was just Katy Hudson. Yep, that's her actual last name!

Drake as a Kid

44. Drake as a Kid

Drake, back when he was Aubrey Graham. As a kid that is.

Kim and Kourtney as Kids

45. Kim and Kourtney as Kids

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian as kids. Such a cute photograph.

Macklemore as a Kid

46. Macklemore as a Kid

Great photos of Macklemore as a kid and as the Thrift Shop lover he is today.

JWoww as a Kid

47. JWoww as a Kid

Jersey Shore star JWoww as a kid. That's a cute photo isn't it?

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Daniel Franzese has come out as gay.

The actor, best known for his role as Damian in the beloved comedy Mean Girls, made the announcement this week via a moving letter to that fictional high school student.

"You became an iconic character that people looked up to; I wished I’d had you as a role model when I was younger," Franzese wrote via Indie Wire "I might've been easier to be gay growing up. You WERE beautiful in every single way and words couldn’t bring you down."

Daniel Franzese Picture

On the 10-year anniversary of its release date, talk has circulated recently of a Mean Girls reunion.

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Garth Ancier, an accomplished TV producer who Michael Egan alleges raped him, adamantly denies involvement in the bombshell Hollywood scandal.

Egan, Ancier

Ancier's attorney tells TMZ in a statement following the lawsuit filed this week:

"All of the allegations made by [Michael Egan] against Garth Ancier are demonstrably untrue, and we are confident the courts will agree when the evidence is presented."

"As just one of many examples, Mr. Ancier has never even visited the estate in Hawaii where the plaintiff claims to have encountered him," the attorney adds.

"Mr. Ancier is grateful to his friends, family and colleagues for their support."

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Actor Matt Bomer came out as gay in February of 2012 and in his announcement, he expressed his gratitude to his boyfriend, Simon Halls.

Very few were surprised by Bomer's coming out as he made little effort to hide his relationship with Halls. The revelation Bomer made today, however, was quite unexpected:

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls Photo

Turns out Matt and Simon have been married for three years!

Bomer dropped that bombshell in an interview with Details magazine to promote his upcoming film The Normal Heart.

No word yet on why Bomer downgraded his relationship status when he first came out while giving a speech at a charity event, but we're guessing that it made for an awkward ride home.

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Once a cheater, always a cheater?

If that's the case, you might wanna stay away from the following celebrities... no matter how attractive they are, no matter how well they dunk a basketball or how impressive they are in front of a camera.

Indeed, infidelity is not reserved for athletes or singers; male or females. 

Stars from all industries have strayed from their significant others - and while some have rebounded with hot new mates (darn you, Mila Kunis and Lindsey Vonn!), all hopefully regret the actions that landed them there.

Below, we present a rundown of 17 Celebrities Who Are Known Cheaters. Take note, future boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses:

17 Celebrities Who Are Known Cheaters
Really, everyone else on this list is just playing for second place.
View As List
Tiger Woods

1. Tiger Woods

Really, everyone else on this list is just playing for second place.

Dean McDermott

2. Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling is the mother of his kids, but Dean McDermott has admitted to having another woman call him "daddy."

Ryan Phillippe

3. Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe cheated on Reese Witherspoon with Abbie Cornish. Who breaks the heart of America's Sweetheart?!?

Ashton Kutcher

4. Ashton Kutcher

We do not approve of Ashton Kutcher cheating on Demi Moore with a random blonde. But it did eventually land him Mila Kunis, so...

Jesse James

5. Jesse James

Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock. But she eventually found his replacement: a little guy named Oscar.

Kristen Stewart

6. Kristen Stewart

Much to the continued shock of Robsten fans everywhere, Kristen Stewart blew it with Robert Pattinson in order to swap spit with Rupert Sanders.

LeAnn Rimes

7. LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are now a happy couple. But they arrived their via an ugly mess.

Eddie Cibrian

8. Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian cheated on Brandi Glanville with LeAnn Rimes. Brandi will be glad to tell you all about it.

Kobe Bryant

9. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant didn't merely cheat on his wife; he was accused of rape the women he slept with in Colorado.

Katharine McPhee

10. Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee was caught kissing Smash director Michael Morris while she was married. Dishonest AND stupid.

Jude Law

11. Jude Law

Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller with their nanny. That's almost impressive!

Mario Lopez

12. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez didn't just cheat on Ali Landry. He slept with someone else days before their wedding.

Lamar Odom

13. Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom didn't just go on a drug binge. He went on a binge with his penis during an ugly run in 2013, while still married to Khloe Kardashian.

Rita Ora

14. Rita Ora

We can't confirm this one. But Rob Kardashian says she slept with "like 20 dudes" while dating him.

Nick Carter

15. Nick Carter

Nick Carter has admitted it: he cheated on Paris Hilton with Ashlee Simpson... a long time ago.

Brad Pitt

16. Brad Pitt

It's old news, but we know it's true: Brad Pitt did cheat on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie.

David Boreanaz

17. David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz slept with Rachel Uchitel while married. Yes, he has something in common with Tiger Woods.

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Drew Barrymore and husband of two years, Will Kopelman, just welcomed their second child. A beautiful baby girl joined the growing family earlier today.

Olive Barrymore Kopelman just became a big sister to little ... Frankie.

“Happy to announce that today we became the proud parents of our second daughter, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman,” the couple told People in a statement.

“Olive has a new little sister, and everyone is healthy and happy!”

Will Kopelman and Drew Barrymore Pic

Many, if not most celebrities tend to keep the sex of their unborn children a secret (even from themselves, if you're Kate Middleton and Prince William).

Drew, however, coyly announced that she would be having another girl at an event last winter, accepting an award on behalf of her "future daughter."

As Drew got closer to her due date, she also confirmed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that “I have another girl coming!” And the audience cheered.

Congratulations to Drew and her whole family! Scroll through our gallery below to see what other celebrity babies are set to enter this world in 2014 ...

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We didn't think it was possible, but Girls is about to get even girlier. 

Turns out, Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham are longtime friends (of course) and after years of persuading, Taylor has finally agreed to do a cameo on Dunham's hit HBO series. 

And it looks like Taylor won't be taking her trip to Williamsburg alone.

Model and Michelle Rodriguez make-out partner Cara Delevigne will also be appearing in the show's fourth season which is already filming in Brooklyn.

In the past Girls has featured cameos from the likes of Richard E. Grant, Louise Lasser, and Patti LuPone.

It seems this season, however, Dunham and the producers have decided to pursue guest stars their audience has actually heard of. 

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Take note of your surroundings: one day your grandkids may ask where you were when you heard this awful news.

Yes, in what's sure to be remembered as this generation's Pearl Harbor, Selena Gomez has completely cut ties with Instagram!

Smile for Selena Gomez

Just earlier today we declared the singer the queen of the photo-sharing site thanks to Selena's hot selfies that seem to never end. Hours later, however, Selena de-friended everyone she was following and posted a photo of some cryptic Mary J. Blige lyrics.

The lyrics, from a song called "Work in Progress," contain lines like: "I got love from my fans that adore me...But my love for myself is lacking a little bit, I can admit that I'm working on me."

The only silver lining in this terrible dark cloud is that Gomez is apparently not cutting ties with the Jenner family.

Selena unfollowed members of the family earlier in the week, leading some to believe she was ending her friendship with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

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Juan Pablo Galavis is feeling hurt, used and embarrassed, apparently, following ABC's release of a poster for The Bachelorette featuring Andi Dorfman.

The clever teaser for the May 19 season features a beaming Andi plucking petals from a red rose alongside the caption, "She's looking for the right one."

"One" is written out in red, of course, after "Juan" is totally crossed off:

  • Andi Dorfman Bachelorette Poster
  • Ess Okay

Even a self-obsessed douche knows when he's disliked, and in Juan Pablo's case, he's probably fine with it. But by rubbing it in his face, ABC pissed him off.

He's "embarrassed" and feels "used" after becoming a punchline. Aww.

Follow Andi Dorfman's dumping of Juan on The Bachelor's penultimate episode this winter, Clare Crawley dissed him similarly hard on the finale.

Nikki Ferrell won the final rose, to the envy of ... pretty much no one.

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