If you have a sensitive stomach or are easily traumatized, then fair warning: you might want to look away.

But if you think you're pretty tough and hard to shock, or alternately, if you just hate yourself, well, then carry on.

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Hey, you know how Amber Portwood is still insisting on dating that gross, awful Matt Baier, even though he is clearly the worst and everybody knows it?

Yeah, we're going to be getting into that nonsense today. So buck up, buttercup, and try to keep your lunch down.

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Donald Trump has been campaigning for the highest office in the land for the past 15 months, but according to everyone's favorite New Jersey native (sorry, Chris Christie) Trump is anything but born to run.

Yes, the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, has come out in full-throated opposition to Trump, and the rock legend is definitely not mincing words.

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