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The Ice Bucket Challenge has brought us plenty of interesting celebrity moments thus far. We've had Kate Upton in a wet t-shirt. We've had the bizarre Harry Potter-related 50 Cent-Floyd Mayweather beef

And now we have even more evidence that Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are dating

It's not just the fact that the two are dousing each other with water and giggling like school girls in this clip. That's just how most ALS Challange videos are, and since the Hoult and Stewart are filming a movie together, it makes sense they'd be hanging out.

No, it's something more. It's how comfortable they seem with one another. It's the fact that they'd shoot and upload this video knowing full well that they've been surrounded by dating rumors for weeks.

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As more details emerge about the execution of American journalist James Foley, it becomes clear that at one point, the US government had several options that could have saved the 40-year-old New Hampshire native's life.

Sadly, all of them would have involved making some potentially damaging concessions to the terrorist organization.

We learned yesterday that ISIS offered a $132 million ransom for Foley. Now it seems that that was just one of several demands that the militia group made either in addition to or in lieu of the cash ransom.

Sources say one of the top items on the ISIS "laundry list" of demands was the release of Pakistani, MIT-educated neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui.

Aafia Siddiqui

Dubbed "Lady al-Qaeda" by the American press, Siddiqui is currently serving an 86 year sentence in a Texas prison after being caught with plans for attacks on the US, some of which involved using the Ebola virus as a weapon.

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Well, this is a new one.

A 53-year old named William McDaniel was arrested Saturday night after he supposedly called the police to complain that a stripper would not have sex with him.

A stripper

According to The Smoking Gun, McDaniel was enjoying himself at Sagebrush Sam's in Butte, Montana when he gave a stripped $350 for a private dance.

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It feels like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been engaged for as long as we can remember.

There have been plenty of reports that Jennifer is getting impatient and threatening to call things off if they don't make it official soon, but now it seems like she might not be the only one ready to pull the plug on Hollywood's slowest-moving relationship.

Sources say that Justin and his Leftovers co-star Liv Tyler have been "racking up a lot of alone time on and off set," and it's reportedly driving Jen crazy.

Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler Photo

One insider says the final straw was when Liv began posting photos of herself and Theroux (like the one above) to her Instagram page, and openly talking Justin's "bulge" during promotional interviews.

As you might recall, Jen's had problems with her men falling for their co-stars in the past, so she's said to be particularly wary of the "friendship" between Justin and Liv.

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A Texas convenience store clerk who happens to be a part-time MMA fighter used that training to absolutely annihilate a pair of robbers near I-45 in Houston.

This is how it is DONE with the mixed martial arts:

Several weeks ago, thugs attacked a Houston Fuel Depot employee in the store parking lot as he returned from the bank, which they clearly knew he was doing.

What they didn't know was that the victim's co-worker inside the store and behind the counter, Mayura Dissanayake, was about to whoop their asses.

As soon as he saw the attack from inside, he rushed out with another employee and defended the victim, straight up TAKING IT to the band of hooligans.

Dissanayake, who has a decade of MMA training and competed in India's Super Fight League MMA under the nickname "Top Gun," lived up to his (unknown) reputation.

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This photo of a koala reacting to the sight of its destroyed home is one of the saddest things you'll see on the Internet.

But the following video of a daring koala rescue should at least put a smile on the faces of animal lovers everywhere.

The koala was struck by a car on Wednesday and then climbed to the top of a tree in Langwarrin, a suburb of Melbourne, on Thursday.

Wildlife Victoria spokeswoman Amy Amato told The Age that this is typical "instinct" for wounded animals, as they "mask their injuries well and flee from predators."

So rescue workers used a ladder to bring down the koala, who actually fell from the tree during this attempt. But he was caught by people holding a blanket and then mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that saved his life.

Incredibly, the entire event was captured on camera:

We'd love to buy those rescue workers a round.

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For months now, we've been wondering how Lindsay Lohan finances her non-stop European bender, and it seems we may finally have our answer.

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?
Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.

Sources say that for most of the time she's been in London, Lindsay has been living with Patrick Mahony - a much older investment banker with two daughters.

Given Lindsay's long history of older male "supporters" there's nothing surprising about the arrangement...until you find out that Linds lives with Mahony and his kids, whom she reportedly helps raise!

"She lives with him," a source tells In Touch. "Lindsay helps the kids take baths. She really pitches in looking after them, and the girls really like her. She's finally in a mature relationship with a really grounded guy."

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You'd think she might be jealous, at least a little. But Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence can rest assured that Gwyneth Paltrow approves of his rebound relationship.

A source reveals that the Oscar-winning Goop founder, 41, wishes only the best for Martin, the father to her two children, Apple, 10, and Moses, 8.

"Her take is, 'Hey, he could do worse,'" the pal says of Paltrow's feelings about Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence dating. "She just wants him to be happy."

He could definitely do worse than the Hottest Woman Alive. A tad worse.

  • Chris Martin in Shock
  • Jennifer Lawrence: WOW

Since her "conscious uncoupling" with Martin in March, Paltrow and he have remained close. She even gave him shout-out in her Ice Bucket Challenge video.

The amicable feeling is mutual, it appears, from Martin's standpoint.

Speaking about their post-breakup life during a radio interview in July, Martin said, "We're friends and proud parents. There's lots of love, and that's it."

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Over the past several days, we've posted videos of folks accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge that were original (Charlie Sheen), sexy (Kate Upton) and confusing (this girl, doing the deed post-wisdom teeth removal).

But this may be the cutest of all Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

It features Kelly Clarkson making her first public appearance since giving birth, standing alongside husband Brandon Blackstock and simply being adorable.

The term "Girl Next Door" is a somewhat meaningless cliche at this point, but still. Clarkson could totally be the Girl Next Door to you! 

She comes across as down to earth, cute and more normal than you'd expect a multiple Grammy winner to be in this footage. Check it out now:

Were we right or were we right?

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The VH1 reality series LeAnn and Eddie may be a ratings disaster, but the title couple still earned a nice, seven-figure payday for their first season that no one watched.

Or should we say, Eddie Cibrian earned a nice seven-figure payday?

LeAnn Rimes With Eddie Cibrian

Yes, Star magazine reports that LeAnn has let Eddie keep every dime that the couple made from their carefully scripted series in order to help him feel "more masculine."

"She wants Eddie to have money of his own," a source tells the tabloid. "She thinks it's a good way to boost his self-esteem and make him feel that he doesn't have to rely on her."

Sure. He doesn't have to rely on her. The same eight people would watch the show if it was just called Eddie, right?

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