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If you thought all Duggar relationships were the same, courting lovebirds Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are turning that idea on its head.

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In a clip from Counting On Season 2 Episode 2, Jinger opens up about the guidelines (or lack thereof) she’s following in her courtship.

We begin with the future Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo visiting Jessa and Ben Seewald’s home and announcing they’re officially courting.

Joy-Anna Duggar weighs on on what courtship typically means to the Duggars, and how it differs from dating in the traditional sense.

As you know well if you watch Counting On online or follow the Duggars much at all, there are many things not allowed by the family.

Jim Bob Duggar, who is also on hand, asks if Jessa and Ben have any wisdom to pass along to the duo in this exciting new phase.

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When Ben asks if the couple has figured out their courtship guidelines, which each courting pair sets, Jeremy shares that they have.

He jokes that when he first heard about the "courting" process, he wondered why he was taking Jinger to court. But seriously folks…

“I have a desire to save really the physical for marriage,” the 28-year-old pastor says as Jinger Duggar, 22, nods approvingly.

“I think we both understand that. There are temptations and if we open a lot of doors physically," then challenges may arise.

"The time spent together basically becomes a time of saying, ‘OK we can’t cross this line’ or ‘We can’t cross this line,’" he adds.

"It becomes difficult.”

While side hugs are typically par for the course with the Duggars, Jinger reveals she’s isn’t sticking to a particular playbook with Jer.

Fans who believe Jinger is breaking courtship rules here and violating them again there will certainly not be astonished to hear this.

“I think it’s different for each person. It’s not a cookie cutter,” she says, adding that most importantly it’s “Just praying about those things."

"Not necessarily, you don’t have to have it all listed as a set of rules, but just a general idea and letting the people around you know.”

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The duo will also seek advice from Jinger’s older sister Jill Dillard and her husband Derick, who are married (as are Ben and Jessa).

Mostly likely they will not ask Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson for their input, though hearing about a failed courtship could help.

If you think about it, that might even be more useful.

Anyway, Jinger and Jeremy are engaged, so we know things have gone pretty well between them in the time since this was filmed.

Tuesday’s episode will feature Jeremy sharing his “first meal” with the famous family, as well as a Duggar wilderness survival course.

Check out the extended sneak peek below: