Jenelle Evans: Yeah, I Gained Weight In Quarantine! And I Don't Give a F--k!

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There have been many ups and downs in the life of Jenelle Evans in recent months.

Despite being locked down in quarantine for most of that time, Evans has continued to attract non-stop drama to her life.

Jenelle Eason is Happy

Whether she's re-launching her cosmetics company, or going to war with Instagram trolls, Jenelle has remained very active on social media.

And the fan response to Evans' TikTok dancing videos has been quite an interesting thing to behold.

"Dance like nobody is watching!!! Since #quarantine I’ve been dancing a lot more and forgot how much I loved it! Judge me if you will, body shame me if you will but I love myself sooo," Evans captioned her latest clip.

She then both tagged and hashtagged Willow Smith, who's probably not in any rush to associate herself with Jenelle, given the latter's long history of violence, bigotry, and abuse of children and animals.

The sooner that Jenelle comes to terms with the fact that her days as a media figure/pseudo-celebrity are over, the better off we'll all be.

Jenelle Sells

Anyway, most of the comments on the clip were focused not on Jenelle's thirst for celeb attention, but on her physique.

And in a welcome change of pace, most of the remarks were positive.

"The weight looks really good on you!" one fan wrote.

"Dude you look healthy and happy and good, so you go girl!!!!" another commented.

Jenelle Evans and All Kids

"Who cares about your weight as long as you're happy and healthy," a third chimed in.

We're sure Jenelle is deeply appreciative of such comments, especially given how much criticism she's received in recent weeks.

Granted, some of that criticism was legitimate.

For instance, the idea of Jenelle re-launching her makeup line amid a global financial crisis when no one wanted her eyebrow kits the first time around is, frankly, absurd.

Jenelle Evans Reborn

But the hateful comments found on Jenelle's latest bikini pics were completely uncalled for.

As we always say in these situations, there are many, many legitimate reasons to dislike Jenelle.

Hell, we're still not over the fact that she got back together with the guy who killed her dog and who verbally abuses her children like it's his job.

(To be fair, David Eason probably doesn't realize he's doing this, as he's forgotten what it's like to have a job.)

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

We encourage you to roast Jenelle, but we beg you to do so responsibly.

Focus on things she can easily change like her repugnant behavior and her constant insistence on putting her children in harm's way.

But please, don't stoop to her level by bullying and body-shaming.

We're all better than that, folks.

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