Hannah Brown: I'm Sorry for Saying the N-Word and I Promise to Do Better!

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Hannah Brown sure has had an eventful month, huh?

Two weeks ago, she came under fire for saying the N-word in a video she shared on Instagram Live.

Hannah Brown Goes Live

In the video, she was sort of reciting a song, "Rockstar" by DaBaby, since it's super popular on TikTok right now.

The song has some expletives, and she did manage to skip over saying "f-ck" in a lyric, but you know what she did say?

We already told you -- she said the N-word.

When people started calling her out for it in the Live, she denied it, which was weird because she very obviously said it.

Hannah Brown on her Gram

But she was drunk for all of that, so it seems that she wasn't thinking too clearly.

The next day, she realized that she messed up, and she released a written apology, again on Instagram.

Then she promptly went into hiding.

A lot of people have had a lot of things to say about all this, but now, Hannah is finally speaking out on it herself.

You can watch her full video addressing the situation below:

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