Jenelle Evans: I Might Be Too Old For TikTok ... But I'm Still Hotter Than These Other B-tches!

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Jenelle Evans doesn't admit to her faults very often.

Which is strange, because they're so plentiful that the rest of the internet just can't stop talking about them.

Jenelle Evans on Instagram Live

Even after Jenelle had her kids taken away by CPS she never once considered the possibility that she might be anything other than the ideal mother.

Instead, she recorded a series of YouTube videos in which she complained of being unfairly targeted and harassed by the government.

Because we're sure the powers that be at CPS are sitting around watching Teen Mom 2 and deciding on their next raid based on which moms are the most annoying.

Jenelle Evans Looks Angry

Anyway, Jenelle will probably continue telling her sob story on YouTube, but she actually prefers a different video sharing site.

Yes, Jenelle loves TikTok.

She says it's because the commenters there are more polite and less likely to bring up her past.

David Eason Open Carries

We say it's because they're too young to remember all of the horrible, harmful things she's done to children, animals, and society in general.

Whatever the case, Evans is acutely aware of the age gap.

And she addressed her insecurities in her latest video.

Jenelle Evans Lingerie

Borrowing audio from the 2007 Seth Rogen comedy Knocked Up, Jenelle lip syncs to Leslie Mann's dialogue about being too old for her surroundings.

"Am I too old to be here?" she asks an invisible Katherine Heigel.

Heigel's character assures Jenelle/Leslie that she's not too old at all.

Jenelle on TikTok 1

This prompts Jenelle/Leslie to inquire if she's "hotter than these little b--ches."

Evans seems very satisfied when the disembodied voice of Katherine Heigel assures her that yes, she's much hotter.

Hey, it's important to accept validation in whatever form you can find it, right?

Jenelle on TikTok 2

Of course, quoting Knocked Up in 2020 is probably a good sign that you're too old for TikTok, but if that's Jenelle's new community, we encourage her to continue posting there.

And if that means she'll spend less time posting on Instagram, Twitter, etc., all the better!

Eventually, the TikTok crowd will start asking questions about Jenelle defending the man who shot the family dog in front of her children, but for now, their ignorance is Jenelle's bliss.

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